Trump news live: Latest US updates as president delivers falsehood-filled speech

Trump news live: Latest US updates as president delivers falsehood-filled speech

Trump news live: Latest US updates as president delivers falsehood-filled speech

Trump news live: Latest US updates as president delivers falsehood-filled speech

Donald Trump is reportedly considering a second re-election bid in 2024

President Donald Trump released a surprise speech on social media where he called for the election to be “overturned.”

The unexpected 46-minute taped speech was published on Facebook and the outgoing president utilised graphs to make a series of debunked or outright false claims about voter fraud and the election results.

His speech was labelled “one of his most dishonest ever,” with CNN’s Jake Tapper saying the video left Mr Trump looking like the “sorest loser” in presidential history.

It comes as his daughter Ivanka Trump was deposed as part of the Washington DC attorney general’s probe into an alleged misuse of inauguration funds.

The lawsuit alleges the Trump Organization and Presidential Inauguration Committee misused more than $1m.


US to block goods from Chinese company citing ‘slave labour’ in Xinjiang

The Trump administration expanded economic pressure on China’s western region of Xinjiang, banning cotton imports from a powerful Chinese quasi-military organisation that it says uses the forced labour of detained Uighur Muslims.

The US Customs and Border Protection agency said on Wednesday its “Withhold Release Order” would ban cotton and cotton products from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), one of China’s largest producers.

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Joe Middleton3 December 2020 11:02


US reports 2,658 Covid-19 deaths – highest level since pandemic began

As President Trump spends his time releasing bizarre video speeches, the pandemic continues to spread at an alarming rate throughout the United States.

On Wednesday the US reported 2, 658 Covid-19 deaths – the highest number of new deaths in one single day since the pandemic began.

It comes as the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts the country is about to go through “the most difficult time in the public health history of the nation.”

Dr Robert Redfield told the US Chamber of Commerce that earlier surges in COVID-19 illnesses were concentrated in one area of the country or another, and health care workers and equipment could be shifted from one place to another to deal with it. But now, he says, all parts of the country are seeing rising infections and illnesses.

In Dr Redfield’s words: “The reality is December and January and February are going to be rough times. I actually believe they are going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation.”

Joe Middleton3 December 2020 10:39


Biden facing growing pressure over secretary of defense pick

President-elect Joe Biden is facing escalating pressure from competing factions within his own party as he finalizes his choice for secretary of defense.

Black leaders have encouraged the incoming president to select an African American to diversify what has so far been a largely white prospective Cabinet. 

While others are pushing him to appoint a woman to lead the Department of Defense for the first time.

Joe Middleton3 December 2020 10:21


Mary Trump doubts her uncle will run for president again

Mary Trump is sceptical that Donald Trump will seek a second term as US president in 2024, but thinks he will use his profile to diminish Joe Biden’s presidency.

She told CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time”: “He’s going to put considerable energy, as least as long as he’s able to, into delegitimizing Biden’s win and his administration.”

Ms Trump added that this would be “terrible” for the US and that Republicans could “stop this insanity”, but were unwilling to do so because they need Mr Trump’s voter base.

Joe Middleton3 December 2020 09:51


Michael Flynn calls for Trump to declare martial law to re-run election

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn has called on Donald Trump to suspend the constitution.

The retired general tweeted out a full-page ad that ran in The Washington Times that claimed the extraordinary executive actions were necessary to avoid the alternative of an imminent “shooting civil war”.

The 1,500-word manifesto invokes Abraham Lincoln’s use of presidential authority to suspend habeas corpus as it compares the more widely-known civil war with Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacking major cities with their anti-American agenda.

Joe Middleton3 December 2020 09:28


Donald Trump’s surprise speech branded one of ‘most dishonest’ ever given by president

The 46-minute taped speech on Facebook saw the outgoing president repeat a string of debunked and false claims about the election results and voter fraud.

Mr Trump had called the event “maybe the most important speech I’ve ever made” even as he predicted it would be “disparaged” by his critics.

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Joe Middleton3 December 2020 08:58


China targets Biden with ‘malign influence campaign on steroids’

US intelligence officials claim China has launched a major campaign to influence president-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration.  

Adam Withnall3 December 2020 07:03


Giuliani validates threats to lawmakers over election results

Rudy, appearing at yet another “hearing,” this time in Michigan, during which no one is under oath and no material evidence is presented, urged Trump-supporting activists to pressure lawmakers to award elector college electors to Trump.

His comments follow widespread calls from election officials for Trump and his allies to stop encouraging threats as they fear they’ve put lives at risk.

Alex Woodward3 December 2020 01:22


‘A random baseless attack on the entire election’

Trump’s latest remarks – unmoored from the sobering reality that he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, the first sitting president to lost reelection since 1992 – were a “random baseless attack on the entire election,” according to political history professor Julian Zelizer, speaking to the Associate Press.

“Trump has no turning point,” he said. “I often say there are parallels or precedents, but there aren’t in this case. He keeps bending norms.”

Alex Woodward3 December 2020 01:16


Trump ‘livid’ with attorney general Barr, report says

Trump is not particularly thrilled with his attorney general William Barr after the Justice Department chief revealed that the agency has not discovered any evidence of voter fraud that would change the results of the 2020 election, despite the Trump campaign’s spurious attempts to do so.

According to The Washington Post, a senior official has said there is a chance the president will sack Barr before he leaves the White House, though members of the administration are trying to talk him down.

Alex Woodward3 December 2020 01:10

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