Trump news live: Latest updates as Flynn says Trump should use army to ‘rerun’ election

Trump news live: Latest updates as Flynn says Trump should use army to ‘rerun’ election

Trump news live: Latest updates as Flynn says Trump should use army to ‘rerun’ election

Trump news live: Latest updates as Flynn says Trump should use army to ‘rerun’ election

Mike Pence calls Trump the most ‘pro-life president in history’

The former national security adviser said in an interview with Newsmax on Thursday that there is “no way” the US is going to be able to “move forward as a nation” unless Mr Biden’s win is overturned and suggested Mr Trump seized voting machines, the subject of numerous right-wing conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, vice president Mike Pence has told supporters that “we’re going to keep fighting” in an attempt to energise supporters for the upcoming 5 January Georgia Senate run-offs.


Trump attacks Supreme Court for not helping him steal election and dubs McCain ‘overrated’ in late night Twitter rant

The president vented his frustration at the lack of support he has received for his baseless election fraud allegations on Twitter last night, laying into the US Supreme Court in particular.

Trump also quoted an article suggesting that the Obama administration’s investigation into him for “Russia collusion” started earlier than the official government narrative and, in another post, once again revived his feud with late Arizona senator John McCain, who died of brain cancer in August 2018.

Mayank Aggarwal rounds up the crazy.

Joe Sommerlad18 December 2020 12:40


16,000 coronavirus patients hospitalised in California

The state reported 52,000 confirmed cases on Thursday, roughly the same amount of cases that the entire US averaged two months ago.

It comes as coronavirus infection levels in the US have spiked in recent months, with more than 17 million infected by the virus and 310,000 dead from Covid-19 related illness

Read the full story by Alex Woodward:

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 12:10


Governor pardons five innocent prisoners including one who spent 44 years behind bars

Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, said he took action so the men “might be better able to move forward in their lives.”

Read the full report by Graeme Massie: 

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 11:57


Biden picks team to tackle climate change crisis

Joe Biden is picking deal-makers and fighters to lead a climate team he’ll ask to remake and clean up the nation’s transportation and power-plant systems, and as fast as politically possible.

While the president-elect’s picks have the experience to do the heavy lifting required in a climate overhaul of the U.S. economy, they also seem to be reassuring skeptics that he won’t neglect the low-income, working class and minority communities hit hardest by fossil fuel pollution and climate change.

Progressives, energy lobbyists, environmental groups and auto workers on Wednesday welcomed Biden’s choice of popular former Mayor Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary. His picks of former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm for energy secretary and former Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy as leader of domestic climate efforts also were met with general applause.

Biden is also tapping environmental lawyer and Obama administration official Brenda Mallory to run the Council on Environmental Quality, the president-elect announced Thursday. The office oversees environmental reviews for virtually all major infrastructure projects and advises the president on major environmental issues. If confirmed, she would be the first African American to hold the position since its creation more than half a century ago.

Along with EPA nominee Michael Regan and Interior nominee Deb Haaland, Buttigieg, Granholm and McCarthy will be part of an effort to rapidly build and develop technology to retool the United States’ transportation and power grid systems from petroleum and coal to a greater reliance on solar, wind and other cleaner forms of energy.

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 11:41


Pelosi and McConnell to receive Covid vaccine within days

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell both said Thursday that they will get vaccinated in the next few days.

Pelosi and McConnell to receive Covid vaccine within days

The top leaders of the U.S. House and Senate will be receiving the coronavirus vaccine in the next few days, and Congress’ attending physician has informed members that they are all eligible for the shots under “government continuity” guidelines

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 11:25


Trump should deploy military to ‘rerun’ election in swing states, Michael Flynn says

President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn has suggested the outgoing US president should use military force to “rerun” the election in the key swing states he lost in November.

Read the full report here from Joe Sommerlad

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 10:59


Trump moved cyber security budget to pay for his wall before major hacking assault

A former FBI deputy has alleged that President Trump has been diverting money from cybersecurity resources to build a wall at a time when the “nation is under attack”.

Read the story here by Stuti Mishra:

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 10:40


President-elect Joe Biden picks Michael Regan to lead Environmental Protection Agency

President-elect Joe Biden says he had chosen North Carolina regulator Michael S. Regan as his nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency and New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland as his pick for interior secretary.

Mr Biden said Thursday that the selections round out what he said would be an experienced climate team ready from their first day in office to tackle the “undeniable, accelerating, punishing reality of climate change.” Biden is proposing a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s transportation and electrical systems to cut the oil, gas and coal emissions behind worsening global warming.

The picks also help Mr Biden fulfil his promise to put together a Cabinet that reflects the diversity of America. Mr Regan is Black, while Ms Haaland would be the first Native American Cabinet member in U.S. history. Mr Biden will introduce Mr Regan, Ms Haaland and other newly named nominees at an event Saturday.

Mr Regan became environmental chief in North Carolina in 2017 and made a name for himself by pursuing cleanups of industrial toxins and helping the low-income and minority communities hit hardest by pollution. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, who hired Mr Regan, told The Associated Press this week that Mr Regan was “a consensus builder and a fierce protector of the environment.”

If confirmed by the Senate, Mr Regan would take over the EPA after four years that have seen the Trump administration weaken or eliminate key public health and environmental protections. President Donald Trump had made the agency a special target for his drive to cut regulation, saying early on that he would leave only “bits” of the environmental agency behind.

Mr Trump rollbacks and proposed rollbacks include weakening air pollution rules for industries, slashing protection for wetlands and waterways and eliminating Obama-era efforts to halt climate change by curbing exhaust and smokestack emissions from autos and factories. Opponents say some of many other rollbacks in the agency will make it harder for regulators to adopt new limits based on threats highlighted in public health studies.

In North Carolina, Mr Regan led the negotiations that resulted in the cleanup of the Cape Fear River, which has been dangerously contaminated by PFAS industrial compounds from a chemical plant. PFAS have been associated with increased risk of cancer and other health problems. With Duke Energy, he negotiated what North Carolina says was the largest cleanup agreement for toxic coal ash.

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 10:16


Trump on sidelines as Pence to receive Covid vaccine live on TV today

President Donald Trump’s administration helped deliver vaccinations against the coronavirus earlier than even some in his administration thought possible, but the president has been largely absent from the effort to sell the American public on what aides hope will be a key part of his legacy.

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 09:48


Trump criticises Supreme Court on Twitter

President Donald Trump took to his favoured social media app on Friday with the US Supreme Court firmly in his sights.

He tweeted: “I am very disappointed in the United States Supreme Court, and so is our great country!”

It comes just days after the Supreme Court rejected Mr Trump’s audacious bid to throw out election results in four key battleground states.

Mr Trump has racked up numerous federal and state court defeats in recent months trying to overturn the November election results, alleging voter fraud took place.

Joe Middleton18 December 2020 09:25

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