Trump news live: Latest updates as Cabinet secretaries ‘discuss invoking 25th amendment’

Trump news live: Latest updates as Cabinet secretaries ‘discuss invoking 25th amendment’

Trump news live: Latest updates as Cabinet secretaries ‘discuss invoking 25th amendment’

Trump news live: Latest updates as Cabinet secretaries ‘discuss invoking 25th amendment’

‘Violence never wins’: Pence condemns Capitol riot

The US Senate has resumed debating the Republican challenge against Democrat Joe Biden‘s presidential election victory, just hours after four people died in riots as pro-Trump mobs attacked the Capitol.  

The House of Representatives on Thursday morning rejected an objection to the electoral votes of Pennsylvania, after earlier voting to throw out a similar objection for Arizona.  

It comes after outgoing president Donald Trump falsely insisted the election was marred by fraud and that he actually won.  

He reiterated those claims in remarks to thousands of protesters outside the White House early on Wednesday and goaded them to march to the Capitol, which many of them did.  

Four people died on the US Capitol grounds during the mayhem, while 52 others were arrested.  

The storming of Capitol Hill prompted calls by some politicians to remove Mr Trump from office using the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution before president-elect Mr Biden is sworn in on 20 January.  

Twitter also suspended Mr Trump’s account for 12 hours and threatened to ban him after he posted several tweets that were flagged for inciting violence, including calling rioters “great patriots”. 


House rejects attempt to overturn Biden victory in Pennsylvania

A majority of the US House of Representatives has this morning voted down a move by allies of president Donald Trump to reject Pennsylvania’s electoral votes for Democrat Joe Biden.

The House rejection of the measure came a couple of hours after the Senate also voted it down, and after a similar attempt to overturn Mr Biden’s win in Arizona was also rejected.

Once voting is completed in the House, the two chambers of Congress are expected to resume their joint session to consider election results from other states.

Chiara Giordano7 January 2021 08:22


Trump ‘deletes violating tweets’

Donald Trump has deleted a number of tweets which Twitter made unavailable on Wednesday night after finding that they breached the platform’s rules on inciting violence. 

Twitter had temporarily blocked Trump’s access to Twitter and warned the president that his account could be deleted altogether if he did not remove the offending posts.

A spokesperson for Twitter on Thursday morning told Bloomberg News that Trump has now done so.

Adam Withnall7 January 2021 06:37


US media verdict on Trump

Tomorrow’s front pages are not going to make for comfortable reading for the president. The New York Times in particular is gaining traction, for headlines that hold nothing back in identifying Trump’s role in the violence on Wednesday.

TRUMP INCITES MOB, its splash headline reads, while quoting a Republican as saying the riot is “part of his legacy”.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, defines the rioters as simply a “Trump mob”.

We’ll be bringing wrapping together all the US media reaction and front pages for you a little later this morning.

Adam Withnall7 January 2021 06:27


Congress joint session adjourns again

All eyes now are on when Congress will be able to finally certify Joe Biden’s election victory, the process that was halted by the riots in the first place.

After objections to the Electoral College vote in Arizona were thrown out earlier, a new objection to the Pennsylvania count has been backed by at least one member in each house, so must be debated. 

Our John T Bennett has the story:

Adam Withnall7 January 2021 05:49


Woman killed in Capitol riot shooting identified as US Air Force veteran, reports say

The woman who was shot and killed during the pro-Trump storming of the US Capitol has been identified, according to local news reports.

Ashli Babbit of San Diego, a 14-year veteran of the US Air Force, was struck by a bullet after she entered the legislative complex with rioters.

Fox 5 reports that Ms Babbit’s mother-in-law identified her on Wednesday evening and KUSI spoke with her husband.

Ms Babbit’s husband did not travel to Washington, DC with her.

“I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” her mother-in-law told Fox 5.

Oliver O’Connell reports.

Justin Vallejo7 January 2021 05:00


Mass resignations from Trump administration follow president’s failure to stop Capitol violence

Several White House officials have resigned in the wake of a failed insurrection inside the Capitol following Donald Trump’s failure to stop his supporters from rioting in the wake of his false claims of election fraud.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews, First Lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, and White House social secretary Rickie Niceta submitted their resignations on Wednesday night, two weeks before president-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Several of the president’s top aides – including his national security adviser Robert O’Brien, as well as deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger and deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell – are also reportedly considering leaving the administration.

The Independent’s Alex Woodward reports.

Justin Vallejo7 January 2021 04:40


Watch: Biden says ‘democracy is under unprecedented assault’ and DC riots ‘unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times’W

“At this hour, our democracy’s under unprecedented assault. Unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times. An assault on the citadel of liberty, the Capitol itself.”

Biden demands Trump make national address to end Capitol siege

In an address delivered from Wilmington, Delaware, that stood in sharp contrast to the aggression and anger displayed just a few hours earlier when Donald Trump spoke to supporters, Mr Biden said the rioters represented “an insurrection”.

The Independent’s Andrew Buncombe has more.

Justin Vallejo7 January 2021 04:20


BREAKING: Senate rejects GOP objection to Arizona’s Electoral College vote for Biden

The Senate voted down a Republican objection to Arizona awarding its 11 Electoral College votes to Joe Biden following a dramatic series of speeches about a pro-Donald Trump mob storming the Capitol.

After angry Trump loyalists, after the president himself whipped them into a vandals frenzy at a midday rally near the White House, broke into the Capitol, several GOP senators rose in the chamber to announce they would drop plans to join any further House objections.

The final tally was 93-6 to reject the objection.

The Independent’s John T Bennet is following the story as it unfolds.

Justin Vallejo7 January 2021 03:52


Aides had to twist Trump’s arm to call for end to violence, reports

This latest via Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, who said Trump sent out his first tweet calling for an end to violence at the behest of chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Ivanka and others, meanwhile, persuaded him to do the video – which was ultimate memory holed form the internet after he told the “special” protesters he loved them.

Justin Vallejo7 January 2021 03:38


‘Count me out’ says Lindsey Graham after violence at US Capitol

“Trump and I, we had a hell of a journey. I hate it being this way, oh my God I hate it. From my point of view he’s been a consequential president. But today… all I can say is count me out. Enough is enough. I tried to be helpful.”

Justin Vallejo7 January 2021 03:30

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