Kasich responded to Biden’s speech in an appearance on CNN

Trump news live: Latest updates as Biden says ‘democracy prevailed’ over Barr

Trump news live: Latest updates as Biden says ‘democracy prevailed’ over Barr

Trump news live: Latest updates as Biden says ‘democracy prevailed’ over Barr

Donald Trump’s announcement that US attorney general Bill Barr is to step down from his role as head of the Justice Department before the end of the year was greeted with “good riddance” by Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, who said Mr Barr had made his office “less justice and more corrupt”.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has meanwhile finally congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory, the Kremlin sending a telegram pledging “Russian-American cooperation”.

Mr Biden was confirmed as president-elect last night as the Electoral College cast votes decisively in his favour, giving him a majority of 306 votes to Mr Trump’s 232. Addressing the nation after votes were cast, he said the rule of law, the US Constitution and the will of the people had “prevailed” and praised the ”resilience” of America’s democracy in the face of Mr Trump’s spurious legal challenges.


Trump unusually quiet after being attacked by Biden

Despite the president-elect laying into him in his speech last night, accusing his beaten opponent of an “unprecedented assault on our democracy” and an “unconscionable” endangering of election officials, Trump remains eerily silent so far today.

Perhaps we can expect a heated rebuttal on Twitter later.

Joe Sommerlad15 December 2020 12:20


Biden’s secretary of state nominee to meet with Mike Pompeo

Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of state is expected to meet with Mike Pompeo later this week, according to reports.

Anthony Blinken will visit the State Department and meet with the current secretary of state on Thursday, sources told CNN, in one of the first face-to-face meetings between a Biden nominee and a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet.

The meeting would be the first formal recognition by Mr Pompeo that he is preparing to hand over responsibility for the State Department, after he initially refused to acknowledge Mr Biden’s vicory in November’s election.

Liam James15 December 2020 11:59


Republicans who refuse to accept result ‘embarassing’ party, Maryland governor

Republicans who refuse to accept the outcome of the presidential election are “embarassing” for the party, Maryland’s GOP governor Larry Hogan said after the Electoral College cast votes confirming Joe Biden’s victory.

“I understand at the beginning maybe some people had some concerns about some of the allegations, but now we are several steps down the road. They are out of runway. We just have to acknowledge: This is embarrassing us. It’s an affront to our democratic process and it’s diminishing the presidency,” Mr Hognan told CNN.

“I think it’s bad for our party, bad for the country, and it weakens our position in the world.”

Liam James15 December 2020 11:39


Former Republican governor praises Biden over speech

Former governor of Ohio John Kasich, a Republican, praised Joe Biden for using a speech following his Electoral College victory to “set the record straight”.

Referring to the president-elect’s dismissal of the Trump team’s efforts to overturn the election result, Mr Kasich said: “I’m glad he’s fighting back on this, I’m glad he’s saying what he’s saying.”

“[Mr Trump] lost that vote, they’ve done the recounts, they went to the courts,” Mr Kasich continued, “the people who don’t buy that, I mean they’re just living in a fantasy world.”

Kasich responded to Biden’s speech in an appearance on CNN

Kasich responded to Biden’s speech in an appearance on CNN


Liam James15 December 2020 11:12


Twitter confirms Trump can be banned after inauguration day

Donald Trump’s twitter account could be subject to a ban after Joe Biden’s inauguration if he continues to spread conspiracy theories, the social media giant confirmed.

The president currently enjoys certain exemptions from Twitter’s policies due to his office but he will likely lose these protections when Mr Biden takes over.

A Twitter spokesperson told Forebs the former president would have to follow the same guidelines as ordinary citizens, adding the platform does not have “special rules” for Mr Trump.

Liam James15 December 2020 10:53


Michael Cohen wants to see Trump in court

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and “fixer” wants the president to testify as part of a lawsuit he filed over legal bills.

Michael Cohen is suing the Trump Organisation for almost $2m in legal costs accrued through his involvement in the Mueller probe and congressional investigations into the president.

Court papers seen by The New York Post show the president will be deposed as a witness in the case in which Cohen claims that Mr Trump’s company agreed to indemnify him for all legal costs.

Our reporter in New York, Oliver O’Connell, has the full story:

Liam James15 December 2020 10:27


Jeb Bush slammed for Bill Barr ‘integrity’ tweet

Jeb Bush took to Twitter to bid a fond farewell to departing attorney general Bill Barr, who he called “a man of great integrity”.

Several Twitter users took the opportunity to remember some of Mr Barr’s moments of questionable integrity.

Author Don Winslow took aim at Bush himself, after he was done with Barr.

Liam James15 December 2020 10:07


Biden to campaign in Georgia runoffs today

The president-elect will head to Georgia later today to campaign alongside Democratic candidates for the Senate Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock ahead of the runoff elections on 5 January.

Republicans are just one seat away from a majority in the Senate. Democrats must sweep the runoff elections to get a 50-50 Senate which would grant vice president-elect Kamala Harris the tiebreaking vote.

Mr Biden will hold a rally today with the two candidates as part of a $5m campaign in the state.

Liam James15 December 2020 09:42


Putin ready for ‘contact’ with Biden

Vladimir Putin’s congratulatory telegram to president-elect Joe Biden focused on cooperation between Russia and the US, according to the Kremlin.

The Russian president was quoted by the Kremlin as saying the two countries “bear special responsibility for global security and stability” and “can, despite the differences, really contribute to solving many problems and challenges that the world is currently facing”.

Mr Putin noted “the Russian-American cooperation based on the principles of equality and mutual respect would meet the interests of the people in both countries and the entire international community.”

“For my part, I am ready for interaction and contact with you,” Putin said according to a Kremlin statement.

Then vice president Biden shakes hands with Putin during a meeting in Moscow in 2011


Liam James15 December 2020 09:18


Election was ‘honest, free and fair’ – Key points from Biden’s victory speech

Shortly after the Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump, the president-elect addressed the nation in a speech praising America’s “resilient” democratic institutions and denouncing the incumbent’s attacks against them.

Here are a selection of the key quotes from the president-elect’s speech:

“Once again in America, the rule of law, our constitution and the will of the people prevailed.”

“We the people voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And now it is time to turn the page, as we’ve done throughout our history. To unite. To heal.”

“It is my sincere hope we never again see anyone subjected to the kind of threats and abuse we saw in this election, it’s simply unconscionable. We owe these public servants a debt of gratitude … our democracy survived because of them.”

Trump’s position is “so extreme, we’ve never seen it before. And position that refused to respect the will of the people, refused to respect the rule of law, and refused to honor our Constitution.”

“Even President Trump’s own cybersecurity chief overseeing our elections said it was the most secure election in American history.”

Liam James15 December 2020 09:05

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