Trump impeachment trial live: Latest updates from Senate

Trump impeachment trial live: Latest updates from Senate

Trump impeachment trial live: Latest updates from Senate

Trump impeachment trial live: Latest updates from Senate

Trump impeachment trial: Third day summary

Donald Trump’s impeachment defence team are preparing to take the Senate floor on Friday, in a bid to defend their client from an emotionally charged charge he incited the insurrection at the US Capitol last month.

On Thursday, Democratic impeachment managers rested their case against the former president, and it came at the same time federal prosecutors revealed chilling new details about a militia group’s involvement in the January 6 attack on Congress.

The group, called the Oath Keepers, discussed a plan to bring “heavy weapons” across the Potomac River into Washington DC and had conducted training sessions even before election day for “urban warfare, riot control and rescue operations”, a court heard.

With members of both parties appearing to want a quick resolution to the impeachment trial, Mr Trump’s team were preparing a rapid presentation on Friday, with a view that a concluding vote on his guilt or innocence could happen as early as Saturday morning.


Oath Keepers leader waited for Trump to ‘activate’ them before Capitol attack

Jessica Watkins was waiting for direction from the ex-president before traveling to Washington DC to try and violently overturn his election loss to Joe Biden, federal prosecutors say.

Watkins, 38, even took part in “two days of war games” to prepare and train for the 6 January attack on the Capitol, where lawmakers were certifying Mr Biden’s win.

Prosecutors say she stated the need to wait for instructions from Mr Trump before taking action, and had talked about being “field-ready before inauguration”.

Graeme Massie12 February 2021 11:06


Georgia district attorney Fani Willis outlines criminal investigation into Trump call

Georgia district attorney for Fulton County, Fani Willis, has outlined details of her criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s infamous phone call with Brad Raffensberger, in which he tried to pressure the Georgia secretary of state into overturning his election defeat there.

Speaking to MSNBC, Ms Willis said they would be looking to determine Mr Trump’s “state of mind” when he made the phone call.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 10:44


Ted Cruz under fire for tweeting about breast milk during Trump impeachment trial

Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz has provoked fresh anger at the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump after tweeting about breast milk during Wednesday’s session rather than paying attention to proceedings.

While the House Democrat impeachment managers were presenting harrowing video evidence illustrating just how close a pro-Trump mob had come to tracking down lawmakers including Mike PenceNancy PelosiChuck Schumer and Mitt Romney, Mr Cruz was apparently perusing an article from The Washington Examiner on his phone about a British hospital moving to ensure more inclusive language is used in discussions of maternity.

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust has moved to drop terms considered to be trans-exclusionary such as “breast milk” to avoid causing unnecessary offence, directing its midwives to refer to “human milk” and “chest milk” instead.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 10:25


Democratic senator recalls moment he realised ‘Trump was egging rioters on’

Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat, has recalled the moment he believed Donald Trump was “egging on” the Capitol rioters on January 6.

“I remember the moment I saw Trump’s tweet attacking Pence,” Mr Murphy tweeted overnight. “We were in the chamber as aides were scrambling to bar the doors. Some were sobbing in fear.

“The mob was outside. Someone yelled out shots had been fired. I turned to Tim Kaine and said, ‘Oh my god, he’s egging them on’.”

Mr Trump infamously did nothing when the insurrection began, only tweeting a video hours later calling for “peace” but praising the mob as “very special” and continuing to falsely claim the election was stolen from him.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 10:04


Lawyer David Schoen leaves impeachment trial to do Fox News interview ‘on Trump’s orders’

Donald Trump‘s lawyer took a break from listening to the House impeachment managers while they laid out their case against the former president to instead appear on Fox News, a move that was reportedly at the request of his client.

Lawyer David Schoen was spotted outside the Senate chamber on Thursday afternoon while Representative Ted Lieu, one of the impeachment managers, explained the case to impeach Mr Trump to senators, reporter Philip Crowther with the Associated Press revealed.

Instead of listening, Mr Schoen decided to speak to Fox News in a live interview about the impeachment trial.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 09:46


Trump’s former communications chief asks what former president ‘has on these senators’

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications chief, has criticised Republican senators over their likely acquittal of Donald Trump in his impeachment trial, which is likely to be concluded tomorrow.

“What does Trump have on these senators that would cause them to disavow their oaths and when did he get it on them?” Mr Scaramucci tweeted overnight.

Only a handful of Republican senators even deemed Mr Trump’s trial constitutional, and many have already signalled they plan to acquit the former president.

Though Mr Scaramucci’s tweet implies Mr Trump has secret leverage of GOP lawmakers, the truth is likely more mundane – that they are terrified of the former president’s base turning on them.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 09:24


Trump lawyers hold impeachment ‘strategy’ meeting with Republican senators

A group of Republican senators met privately with Donald Trump‘s legal team representing the former president in his impeachment trial to discuss “strategy” ahead of the defence argument on Friday.

Senators have sworn an oath to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws” during the impeachment trial.

Following Thursday’s closing arguments from House impeachment managers acting as prosecutors in the trial, Trump attorney David Schoen told reporters that his meeting with Republicans concerned “procedure” for Friday’s hearing.

Alex Woodward12 February 2021 09:05


Republican senator says Trump defence is ‘our side’ in impeachment trial

Republican senator Roy Blunt has described Donald Trump’s defence team as “our side” – in doing so saying the quiet part out loud when it comes to GOP desire to acquit Mr Trump no matter what.

“I’m not sure when our side starts but Saturday’s looking better all the time,” Mr Blunt told reporters, according to Politico’s Kyle Cheney.

Mr Blunt also said that evidence some rioters had planned the assault on the US Capitol for weeks undermined prosecutors’ claims Mr Trump incited the insurrection, whereas Democrats said it supported their overarching case.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 08:44


Summary of third day of Trump impeachment trial

From the steps of the US Capitol, The Independent’s Griffin Connolly wraps up what happened on the third day of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 08:23


Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s up-to-the-minute coverage of all the latest in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, as the former president’s defence team prepares to take to the floor to defend their client against charges he incited the January 6 insurrection.

Tom Embury-Dennis12 February 2021 08:09

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