Trump impeachment trial live: Former president faces Senate trial today

Trump impeachment trial live: Former president faces Senate trial today

Trump impeachment trial live: Former president faces Senate trial today

Trump impeachment trial live: Former president faces Senate trial today

Watch live: Impeachment of Donald Trump begins

After Donald Trump‘s historic impeachment trial opened on Tuesday to a video of the 6 January Capitol riot, six Republicans joined Democrats in a 56 to 44 vote that ruled his second trial is constitutional and can move forward.

The former president’s lawyers were criticised for their lacklustre performances, with Republican Senator Bill Cassidy saying they did a “terrible job.”

Mr Trump was reportedly so irate with his defence team he was “screaming” at the television while watching the impeachment proceedings unfold.

The trial is set to resume on Wednesday against Mr Trump on the charge of “incitement of insurrection”, with each side having 16 hours to present their case.


‘QAnon Shaman’ says Trump ‘not honourable’ in apology for part in US Capitol riot

Jake Angeli, the “QAnon Shaman”, who became the global face of the January 6 siege on the Capitol has criticised former president Donald Trump, saying that he is “not honourable.”

Mr Angeli issued a statement via his attorney, Albert Watkins, saying he is “deeply disappointed” in Mr Trump and that he “let a lot of peaceful people down.”

The 33-year-old also appeared remorseful for his part in the chaos on January 6, he added: “I am sorry for having aroused fear in the hearts of others. That was wrong. Period.”

Joe Sommerlad has the latest.

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 11:04


Michigan senator apologises for Capitol ‘hoax’ claims

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, a Republican, made the comments last Wednesday while meeting with leaders of the Hillsdale County GOP, according to a video posted on YouTube by a group called Reclaim Our American Republic.

“I said some things in a videoed conversation that are not fitting for the role I am privileged to serve,” he said in a statement.

“I own that. I have many flaws. Being passionate coupled with an occasional lapse in restraint of tongue are at least two of them. I regret the words I chose, and I apologize for my insensitive comments.”

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 10:47


President Biden ‘not watching’ Trump’s impeachment trial

Joe Biden told reporters earlier this week that he wouldn’t be watching the impeachment trial and has been keen to show that he is concentrating on the numerous pressing issues facing the US – such as tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday while Donald Trump was reportedly shouting at his television while watching impeachment proceedings, Mr Biden was meeting with business leaders to discuss the economy and outline with $1.9 trillion Covid-19 rescue plan.

Mr Biden is set to receive a Covid briefing today from his advisors and this afternoon meet with defence secretary Lloyd Austin and other senior figures in the military, according to his schedule.

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 10:28


‘Son of billionaire’ Don Jr claims to know Americans better than elected Democrats as he rails against Trump lawyers

Donald Trump Jr launched a scathing attack on Democrats on Tuesday who he accused of “living in their little echo chambers.”

The son of former president Trump also claimed that he had “a better pulse of the American people than the people chosen by those people to represent them in Congress.”

Read the full report by Shweta Sharma

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 10:11


Republican senator lays into Trump lawyers for ‘terrible job’ on impeachment defence

Senator Bill Cassidy voted in favour of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump and strongly rebuked the former president’s lawyers for the “terrible job” they did on Tuesday.

The Republican, who represents Louisiana, said the Democrat impeachment managers were “focused”, while Mr Trump’s team were “disorganised.”

Stuti Mishra has the details.

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 09:47


Trump did get one win yesterday…

The former president didn’t have a particularly good day on Tuesday, but one possible small crumb of comfort is that he could be allowed at Mar-a-Lago, where he has resided since Joe Biden’s inauguration.

A number of Mr Trump’s neighbours have objected about him living there, claiming it could hurt property prices in the area and also citing an agreement with the town about a time limit on how long people can stay at the private club.

But at the Palm Beach Town Council meeting on Tuesday no action was taken on the question of the former president living in the community.

It’s unclear if the council will address the issue further, although an attorney representing the residents asked — with no response — that he be allowed to give a fuller presentation in April. The neighbours could also sue the town and Mar-a-Lago.

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 09:25


Steve Bannon says Trump’s impeachment strategy is not working: ‘Changes needed and needed now’

Mr Trump’s former adviser was not impressed by what he saw at the impeachment proceedings on Tuesday and has called for changes to be made.

“The strategy is not working … this is asymmetric information warfare: Democrats argue a coherent made-for-TV fantasy that works on an emotional level,” Mr Bannon said, according to the Associated Press.

Graeme Massie has all the details.

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 09:10


Mary Trump ‘heartbroken’ over impeachment trial

The former president’s niece, who penned a scathing memoir about Mr Trump, said on Twitter on Tuesday that the whole process of impeachment left her “heartbroken.”

“I know I should be enraged, disgusted, horrified, and outraged,” she wrote. “On some level I am all of those things, but mostly right now I’m heartbroken.”

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 08:46


What will happen on Wednesday?

Opening arguments will begin in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial after the first day ended with the Senate voting to hear the case for convicting the former president of inciting the riot at the US Capitol.

House Democrats prosecuting the case and the former president’s attorneys will lay out their opposing arguments before the senators, who are serving as jurors.

Each side will get 16 hours to present their case and then will take questions from senators. There is no absolute time-scale for the trial but it is expected to run through the weekend.

Mr Trump, who is living in Mar-a-Lago, is unlikely to testify at the trial, but is reportedly watching it unfold on television and is unhappy with his lawyers’s performance so far.

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 08:24


Trump’s lawyer brands him ‘f***ing crook’

Michael T van der Veen is one of the three attorneys representing Donald Trump in his Senate impeachment trial that will forge ahead today.

However Mr van der Veen didn’t previously have much nice to say about the former president, once reportedly describing him as a “f***ing crook” while he was representing another client.

Namita Singh has all the details

Joe Middleton10 February 2021 08:02

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