Trump impeachment news live: Latest as ex-president could lose Mar-a-Lago home and trial opens

Trump impeachment news live: Latest as ex-president could lose Mar-a-Lago home and trial opens

Trump impeachment news live: Latest as ex-president could lose Mar-a-Lago home and trial opens

Trump impeachment news live: Latest as ex-president could lose Mar-a-Lago home and trial opens

Donald Trump could be criminally liable for endangering Mike Pence, says Liz Cheney

Officials in Palm Beach, Florida, are set to discuss on Tuesday whether the ex-president can live full-time at his Mar-a-Lago as his impeachment trial kicks 1,000 miles away in Washington DC.

The trial comes as officials in Georgia opened up an investigation into Mr Trump’s attempts to overturn the election results in the state.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger will launch a “fact-finding and administrative” probe into the call he received from Mr Trump asking him to “find” enough votes to defeat Joe Biden.

Charles J Cooper, a prominent conservative lawyer, has trashed Donald Trump’s defence that trying him for impeachment is unconstitutional, just hours before his trial begins.

This went against arguments made by top Republicans and Mr Trump’s lawyers over the last month, who claimed that it is unconstitutional to try Mr Trump, as the penalty for impeachment conviction is being removed from office.

In their response to the charges Mr Trump’s legal team also argue that he is protected by the first amendment. House Democrats replied to the official legal response from the Trump team denying all of their points and accusing Mr Trump of committing the “most grievous constitutional crime ever”.


Alan Dershowitz says Trump ‘invited not incited’ rioters to the US Capitol

The Harvard law professor was part of the former president’s legal team during his first impeachment but is not taking part during the historic second trial.

Mr Dershowitz was a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on the eve of the Senate trial.

Graeme Massie9 February 2021 04:00


QAnon ‘Shaman’ will get organic food in prison system known for unhealthy meals

The US Capitol rioter, whose real name is Jacob Chansley, is receiving organic food while he awaits trial for his role in the 6 January violence after a federal judge ruled in his favour.

“The fact that this man is given this kind of preference shows the double standard in the criminal justice system, and in the detention system,” said civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton.

Graeme Massie9 February 2021 03:35


New Black Lives Matter ad calls for end to white supremacy released on eve of Trump impeachment trial

The advert uses footage of the 6 January attack on the Capitol and historic Ku Klux Klan rallies to pressure senators to convict the ex-president at his trial.

The ad comes as the senate prepares for a historic second trial of Mr Trump for inciting the violence on Tuesday.

BLM activists blame Mr Trump for inciting his supporters to attack the Capitol and for emboldening white supremacists with his rhetoric and actions.

Graeme Massie9 February 2021 03:02


Trump lawyer removes request to postpone trial to observe Jewish Sabbath

David Schoen wrote to Senate leaders telling them he no longer required them to pause the trial so he could observe Shabbat on Friday evening and Saturday.

Mr Schoen said in a letter that he would not participate on the Sabbath but that his role would be covered by Mr Trump’s defence team and the trial should carry on without him.

Graeme Massie9 February 2021 02:30


OANN parent company ordered to pay Rachel Maddow and MSNBC $250k over failed defamation case

The parent company of the One America News Network, the far-right channel which has peddled conspiracy theories about voter fraud, has been ordered to pay MSNBC and one of its most high profile hosts Rachel Maddow $250,000 in legal fees for a failed defamation lawsuit. 

Herring Networks accused Maddow in 2019 of defaming OAN because she brought up a story concerning an OAN reporter also contributing content to Sputnik, the Russian state news agency.

Gustaf Kilander has more.

Graeme Massie9 February 2021 02:00


Five House Republicans will defend Trump on TV

Representatives Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Elise Stefanik, Mike Johnson and Lee Zeldin will all work as Donald Trump’s rapid-reaction team during his impeachment trial, according to Bloomberg News.

Graeme Massie9 February 2021 00:42


Trump administration tried to suppress Covid-19 testing, new emails show

A new trove of emails from congressional investigators shows how Trump appointees pressured scientists tackling the coronavirus to back unproven treatments and limit testing guidelines, as the House of Representatives presses on with its oversight investigation. 

The House has been conducting an oversight investigation of the Trump administration’s pandemic response since last April, and its latest round of disclosures suggest a “persistent pattern of political interference in the nation’s public health response,” chairman James Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, wrote in a statement.

Josh Marcus has the details.

Graeme Massie8 February 2021 23:52


Georgia officials open investigation into Trump’s attempt to overturn election results in state

The Georgia Secretary of State has officially opened an investigation into Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn his election loss to Joe Biden there.

The investigation comes after the former president was recorded on a phone call to Brad Raffensperger pressuring him to “find” enough votes to reverse his defeat.

Graeme Massie8 February 2021 23:30


Trump’s lawyers to cite Gateway Pundit conspiracy that ‘anti-Trump’ rioters actually stormed the Capitol

Donald Trump’s lawyers will reportedly use claims from the Gateway Pundit in their impeachment defence that allege “anti-Trump” groups were the primary perpetrators of the Capitol insurrection.

Mr Trump’s impeachment brief attempts to argue that the Capitol rioters entered the building “of their own accord” and that some were actually anti-Trump, rather than the pro-Trump mob that has been widely reported and well known pro-Trump figures identified.

Graig Graziosi has the story.

Graeme Massie8 February 2021 23:10


Could Trump be evicted from Mar-a-Lago as his impeachment trial opens?

At 9.30am on Tuesday morning, the town council of Palm Beach, Florida convenes for its regular meeting to discuss ordinances, planning and other municipal business. 

Buried away in the agenda under “new business” is a presentation by town attorney John Randolph on the declaration of use agreement between the town and theMar-a-Lago Club — namely, can former president Donald Trump live there full time.

Oliver O’Connell has more.

Graeme Massie8 February 2021 22:50

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