Trump coronavirus news live: Latest updates on president's health

Trump coronavirus news live: Latest updates on president’s health

Trump coronavirus news live: Latest updates on president’s health

Trump coronavirus news live: Latest updates on president’s health

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As the president spent his second night in the military hospital, the severity of his illness and timeline of his diagnosis remain in question amid contradictory and confusing reports about his health from his medical team.

Sean Conley, the White house physician, walked back comments he made about the timeline of Mr Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis. He initially suggested the president received his positive test “72 hours” before the briefing on Saturday, and later said he “incorrectly used the term ’72 hours’ instead of ‘day three’”.


Trump supporters hold rallies across US in support of president

Dedicated supporters of Donald Trump are gathering in the hundreds to hold rallies for the president, to encourage him in his recovery.

Despite the risk of further spread of coronavirus – which the president is suffering from – crowds of people, without masks and not social distancing, were seen changing “we love Trump” outside the military hospital where Mr Trump is being treated, reports Harry Cockburn.

Kate Ng4 October 2020 10:56


Credibility in crisis over Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis

The president and his administration is facing a credibility crisis amid confusing and conflicting reports surrounding his fight with coronavirus.

Several aides and allies have also been infected with Covid-19, and the White House’s efforts to paint a rosy picture of Donald Trump’s vitality has backfired.

Kate Ng4 October 2020 10:53


Boris Johnson: ‘I’m sure President Trump is going to be fine’

The prime minister has said he is “sure” that Donald Trump will “be fine” as he receives treatment for Covid-19.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on Sunday morning, Boris Johnson said the president is “getting the best possible care” and added that the most important thing for Mr Trump to do is “follow his doctor’s advice”.

Kate Ng4 October 2020 10:15


SNL returns to skewer Trump for Supreme Court Covid super spreader event

Saturday Night Live has returned for the first time since 7 March, with Alec Baldwin reprising his role as president Donald Trump and Jim Carrey joining the cast as former vice president Joe Biden.

Oliver O’Connell details the funniest moments of the show here:

Kate Ng4 October 2020 09:52


Questions circle around Trump’s Walter Reed video message

Several eagle-eyes film editors have raised questions about whether the president’s message from Walter Reed military hospital on Saturday night was edited.

Oliver O’Connell reports on the questionable hiccup at the 1:04 mark in Mr Trump’s video:

Kate Ng4 October 2020 09:35


Former US ambassador ‘astonished’ by ‘flagrant’ reason given for Trump’s hospital admission

Sir Christopher Meyer, the UK’s former ambassador to the US, has said he was “astonished” that Donald Trump said in his video on Saturday night he went to the hospital to “join the American people and share their suffering and show leadership”.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr Meyer said the reason was “pretty flagrant even by Trump’s standards”, adding: “This is rubbish. The reason he is in hospital is because he needs to for medical reasons.”

He also criticised the “conflicting messages” given by the president, his doctors and his chief of staff regarding his health.

“You’ve had one [message] apparently from the White House chief of staff Mark meadows giving a rundown to the White House pool of reporters which was much more pessimistic than anything Donald Trump himself was saying or even his personal doctor Sean Conley, who came out with a bunch of white-coated people today.

“So there’s a good deal of skepticism about what his private doctor is saying and what he, Trump, himself is saying.”

Kate Ng4 October 2020 09:28


Nigel Farage: Trump looks ‘robust’ in hospital video

Nigel Farage, a friend and ally of Donald Trump, told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge On Sunday that he thought the president looked “robust” in the video shared from his hospital suite on Saturday night.

The Brexit Party leader said: “He has got Covid-19, he has been ill, he’s been put into hospital, he’s been put on oxygen.

“But considering all of that, he looked pretty robust.”

Mr Farage added: “[Trump] doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he’s carrying a few extra pounds but he is generally in pretty robust health, so my guess would be he is gong to be OK.”

Kate Ng4 October 2020 09:13


‘I’ll be back – soon’

Donald Trump released a new video from hospital, seeking to reassure the nation that he would return to work at the White House “soon”, despite his chief of staff admitting the president faces a “critical” next two days.

He said he felt “much better now” in the video tweeted out on Saturday night, following treatment for coronavirus at the Walter Reed military hospital.

Kate Ng4 October 2020 09:05


Trump’s doctor backtracks on president’s Covid-19 timeline

Sean Conley, the White House physician, walked back on comments made on Saturday about Donald Trump’s health, including when he first tested positive for Covid-19.

Chris Riotta has the latest report on the president’s coronavirus timeline:

Kate Ng4 October 2020 09:02


President faces ‘critical’ 48 hours in fight against coronavirus

The president’s chief of staff said on Saturday that Donald Trump went through a “very concerning” period on Friday and faces a “critical” next two days.

Mr Trump remained at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre on Sunday, and told the nation he was beginning to feel better and hoped to “be back soon” in a video from his hospital suite.

But his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, told reporters earlier: “We’re still not on a clear path yet to a full recovery.”

In an update on Saturday night, the president’s chief doctor expressed cautious optimism about his recovery, but added that Mr Trump was “not yet out of the woods”. It comes after a team of physicians evaded questions about whether the president received supplemental oxygen at the White House before his hospital admission.

Kate Ng4 October 2020 08:57

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