Ted Cruz mockery of Biden for travelling to Nantucket backfires

Texas senator Ted Cruz was mocked mercilessly on Twitter after he tweeted a line from a limerick attacking president Joe Biden’s travel plan.

“There once was a man from Nantucket,” the Republican senator tweeted on Tuesday, while sharing a report of the president’s plan to spend his Thanksgiving holiday on the island of Nantucket.

Although Mr Cruz did not complete the limerick, Twitter users took it upon themselves to form their own limericks to mock the senator’s previous antecedents.

Author Cliff Schecter, in a reference to Mr Cruz’s February trip to Cancun in Mexico, wrote:

“There once was a Republican goon / When it snowed he skipped off to Cancun / He kept smiling smugly / As Trump called his wife ugly / He’ll be President when I land on the moon,” wrote Mr Schecter.

The senator had faced severe backlash when he left the state for a trip to the resort of Cancun when millions of his constituents in the Lone Star state suffered power outages in the freezing weather.

Following the public outcry, he returned to Texas the next day and said the trip was a “mistake”.

He had then said in a statement, that “with schools cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friend. Wanted to be a good dad, I flew with them last night and am flying back this afternoon.”

A Twitter user with the name Jo wrote a limerick on the incident:

“There once was a small ‘man’ named Ted / Who in a crisis to Mexico fled / He said with a smirk / Because he’s a terrible jerk / ‘Don’t blame me, blame my daughters instead’,” the user wrote.

Mr Cruz was also recently mocked on Saturday Night Live over his comments regarding Big Bird and the Covid vaccine.

In a bid to encourage Americans to get children between ages five and 11 vaccinated, the Twitter account for Big Bird shared that the Sesame Street character had received its Covid-19 vaccine. The Bird is a six-year-old in the Muppets universe.

However, Mr Cruz reacted to Big Bird’s tweet with a message that read: “Government propaganda… for your five-year-old!”

His tweet was turned into the subject of a Saturday Night Live episode where Aidy Bryant played the senator.

Mr Cruz’s remarks were mocked in another limerick as well.

“There once was a man named Ted Cruz / Who crawled around licking Trump’s shoes / He’ll go back on his word / And pick on Big Bird / Because he’s a pathetic traitorous c***e,” wrote Twitter user Tara Dublin.

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