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Ninja ‘disgusted’ after Fortnite streamer’s Twitch channel used to promote pornography

Ninja, perhaps the world’s most famous livestreamer, has said he is disgusted after his old channel was hijacked to promote pornography.

The page on streaming service Twitch was used to recommend people watched lewd content, under Ninja’s name.

Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Bevins, recently left Amazon-owned Twitch for Microsoft’s competitor Mixer in what represented a major shake-up to the livestreaming world. It meant that Twitch lost its biggest star and Ninja’s channel was left dormant.

However, that page was then woken back up so that Twitch could use it to promote other channels on its network. One of those channels was a lewd one advertising livestreaming pornography, which meant that anyone visiting the vastly popular page would see adult content.

Ninja posted a video to his Twitter feed which said he was disgusted by the developments since he left the site.

He said that the move had initially gone very well, and that switching between the two services had been “smooth” and “super professional”.

But soon after it happened, Twitch began making “annoying little jabs”, which he decided to let slide. Those may have included the removal of the verified mark from Ninja’s old Twitch page, which happened soon after he had moved to Mixer.

It then began to show the pornographic videos, which led to Ninja posting the video and apologising to anybody who saw it.

Twitch has now removed those suggestions and CEO Emmett Sheer has apologised to Ninja.

“Our community comes to Twitch looking for live content,” he wrote in a set of tweets. “To help ensure they find great, live channels we’ve been experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamer’s pages that are offline.

“This helps all streamers as it creates new community connections. However, the lewd content that appeared on the offline channel page grossly violates our terms of service, and we’ve permanently suspended the account in question.

“We have also suspended these recommendations while we investigate how this content came to be promoted.

“On a more personal note, I apologize want to apologize directly to Ninja that this happened. It wasn’t our intent, but it should not have happened. No excuses.”

The decision has led to uproar on social media, where the phrase “#TwitchIsOverParty” has been trending throughout the day.

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