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Nasa releases ‘peculiar’ recordings from surface of Mars

Nasa has released a series of audio recordings from the surface of Mars, revealing weather patterns, seismic events and other unexplained phenomena. The US space agency used a tool called a Seismic Experiment for Interior Stricture (SEIS) to capture the sounds of vibrations and weather systems on the Red Planet. The dome-shaped instrument …

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Apple sends home workers who listened to intimate Siri recordings and apologises for privacy breach

Apple has fired hundreds of workers across Europe who were hired to listen to Siri recordings, according to a report. The move comes after Apple suspended a “grading” program that employed contractors to evaluate customers’ audio recordings. Previous reports revealed that the workers often overheard confidential encounters, including drug deals …

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Apple and Google stop workers from listening to intimate recordings of customers

Apple and Google have suspended access to recordings from their virtual assistants after workers revealed they often overheard private encounters. Apple’s decision comes in the light of a report last week which said the company’s contractors around the globe tasked with reviewing Siri recordings regularly heard confidential encounters, including drug deals …

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