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Plane engine spits flames immediately after take-off

A passenger plane bound for China had to abort its journey when flames started spitting from the engine shortly after take-off from Washington DC. Air China flight 818 was flying from Washington Dulles Airport in the American capital to Beijing on 17 September when the drama unfolded. Video of the …

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Extinction Rebellion protests – live: Paralympian clambers on top of British Airways plane during ‘Hong Kong-style’ occupation of airport

Meanwhile in Ireland, Extinction Rebellion protesters have glued themselves to the door of Red Flag Consulting‘s office in Dublin.   Protesters have accused Red Flag of supporting environmentally “harmful” campaigns. “Red Flag’s Dublin office has been associated with numerous harmful campaigns including: supporting glyphosate (hired by Monsanto, possibly other of …

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U.N. Report Bolsters Theory That Hammarskjold Plane Was Downed

A prominent jurist investigating the mysterious 1961 plane crash that killed the United Nations secretary general, Dag Hammarskjold, in southern Africa has concluded that the aircraft may have been attacked, and that four nations — Britain, Russia, South Africa and the United States — may be withholding information that could …

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Passengers text loved ones as plane plunges 30,000ft in seven minutes

Passengers onboard a Delta Air Lines flight were left fearing for their lives after the plane plunged almost 30,000ft in just seven minutes. Flight 2353 was travelling from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale in Florida when the incident occurred, prompting passengers to text loved ones in preparation. “God Bless the Captain and crew,” …

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You’re Right. You’re Spending More Time Sitting on That Plane.

“A particular challenge is that capacity varies depending on weather conditions,” Professor Hansen wrote, “and airlines tend to schedule assuming good conditions, so when conditions are not good (e.g. low visibility or thunderstorms), delays result.” Professor Hansen was the lead researcher nearly a decade ago on a study commissioned by …

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Conservative MP Henry Smith compares Brexit to a plane crash

A pro-Brexit Conservative MP has compared the risk leaving the European Union (EU) poses to the nation to a plane crash.  In a tweet referencing flight safety advice, Henry Smith argued that withdrawing from the bloc was a “global opportunity”, although just like a plane crashing in a worst case scenario, Brexit also posed a “risk”.  He added, …

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