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Obama saw the mad, cruel tactics of the Trump administration coming

When Donald Trump declared his bid for the presidency, he did so with outwardly racist contempt of Mexican migrants to the US, using a litany of gross stereotypes which culminated with the unforgettable sentence: “They’re sending us not the right people.” As president, he has governed accordingly, subjecting Latinx migrants …

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Let’s not forget that Obama made a quid pro quo deal just like Trump’s — and that Republicans said it was grounds for impeachment

The declassified transcript of President Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the just-released whistleblower complaint have proven to be Rorschach Tests. As with so much of Trump’s output, there is enough ambiguity here that his opponents and defenders alike are claiming vindication.  “The transcript and the Justice Department’s acting in …

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