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‘I see dead people’: The Sixth Sense was both a blessing and a curse in disguise for M Night Shyamalan

This article contains spoilers. But perhaps that warning is redundant, given that M Night Shyamalan – the director of The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000), The Village (2004) and The Happening (2008) – has become synonymous with plot twists. The grandparents are escaped mental patients. The trees are vengeful murderers. This is actually modern-day America. He’s been dead …

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Eating dairy-free: A night at one of New York’s newest Italian restaurants

Having a dairy allergy makes eating out a near-constant battle. Increasing availability of vegan options has helped over recent years, but certain cuisines still prove difficult to cater for, particularly Italian food.    On a recent hunt for an Italian meal that didn’t come from one of the identikit restaurants situated in New York’s Little Italy, we …

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