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Nasa releases ‘peculiar’ recordings from surface of Mars

Nasa has released a series of audio recordings from the surface of Mars, revealing weather patterns, seismic events and other unexplained phenomena. The US space agency used a tool called a Seismic Experiment for Interior Stricture (SEIS) to capture the sounds of vibrations and weather systems on the Red Planet. The dome-shaped instrument …

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Nasa reveals spectacular photo of avalanche on Mars

Nasa has revealed stunning pictures of the aftermath of a huge avalance on Mars. The event was seen near the red planet’s north pole, where it was spotted by Nasa’s HiRISE instrument. That camera – which has the full name High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment – is mounted on board the …

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NASA head commits to putting first woman on the moon by 2024

A NASA official has reiterated the organisation’s commitment to put the first woman on the moon by 2024 during a celebration of women’s leadership. Speaking at a NASA event dedicated to women’s leadership on Monday, NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine referenced his daughter as a motivating factor in his ambition to make women on the moon …

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