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Cats are just as loyal to their owners as dogs, study finds

Cats have developed a bad reputation for acting aloof, independent and unaffectionate to their owners. However, a ground-breaking new experiment has proved otherwise, with researchers calling the belief that feline pets are distant “an unfair myth”. Researchers from Oregon State University say they have found that, just like children and …

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Humans have altered dogs’ brains, research finds

Dogs are a weird bunch. They range in size from bearish behemoths to pipsqueaks like Milly, a Chihuahua holds the Guinness record for World’s Shortest Dog at less than four inches.  Some breeds are fast runners. Others are jumpers, swimmers or diggers. Bloodhounds specialise in sniffing, while greyhounds hunt primarily …

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Two dogs escape animal shelter and kill 29 cats in Alabama

Two pitbull dogs broke free from their cages at an Alabama animal shelter and mauled 29 cats to death.  Workers at the Dothan Animal Shelter found the dead cats on Thursday morning, local media reported. Shelter director Bill Banks told television outlet WTVY that it appeared the two dogs had forced their way …

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