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VMware Announces 2 Deals to Bulk Up Its Cloud Offerings

VMware said on Thursday that it had bought two companies offering cloud security and cloud developer services in separate deals valued together at about $5 billion, as it looks to expand the range of products and services it offers to its corporate clients. VMware bought Pivotal Software in a $2.7 …

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Uploading a dying breed of musical sounds to the cloud

In the Nineties sitcom Red Dwarf, Arnold Rimmer’s memories were uploaded onto the ship’s computer at his death and he manifested thereafter as a hologram, despite his personality not being one that most people would think to preserve. Science fiction loves this idea, that the human mind is just data that …

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Past Flip-Flops Cloud Trump’s Position on Background Checks

Longtime gun control activists and Democratic lawmakers reacted with guarded optimism about Mr. Trump’s comments, but said they remained deeply skeptical that the president would follow through on his promise in the face of opposition from the N.R.A. and many of his conservative supporters. “Trump has more opinions on gun …

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