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Love Island’s Maura Higgins flattered for being called a ‘feminist hero’ by fans

Love Island’s Maura Higgins has said she is “flattered” that fans consider her a feminist hero after her stint on the ITV2 dating show.

The 28-year-old won praise from viewers of Love Island after she confronted fellow islander Tom Walker for making crude comments about her during the fifth series.

Moments before Walker was due to spend the night with Higgins in the Hideaway – the only private room in the villa – he told the other male contestants: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”.

Outraged by Walker’s comments, Higgins explained that just because she spoke openly about enjoying sex did not give him the right to shame her for doing so.

Viewers cheered Higgins on, taking to Twitter to support the reality star for standing up for herself and describing her as a feminist.

Speaking about the public reaction to her decision to challenge Walker’s behaviour, Higgins told Grazia: “I never realised I was a feminist.

“I just stand up for myself and I won’t let anyone talk s*** about me. And you know what, I do talk about sex, but so do guys.

“I think a lot of women are afraid to talk about sex, but it’s a natural thing,” the model explained, adding that she doesn’t “feel ashamed” for discussing the topic as she “grew up always being able to talk to [her] mammy and daddy.”

As the episode featuring the confrontation aired on ITV2, one person defending Higgins’ behaviour on Twitter, writing: “Tom doesn’t understand Maura at all, she is still a female who deserves manners and respect despite she’s raw about talking about sex [sic].”

Another added: “I’m relieved for Maura that she heard Tom before going into the hideaway. Girls are slut-shamed if they follow through, and ‘all mouth’ if they don’t.”

Higgins also discussed her divisive entrance to the villa, which saw her make a beeline for fellow contestant Tommy Fury, despite the fact he was already coupled up with Molly-Mae Hague.

Despite receiving backlash for the move, Higgins went on to become one of the most popular individuals of the series and says this misconception of her is something she’s used to dealing with in everyday life.

“I’ve always been misjudged, my whole life,” Higgins said. 

“I think people look at my Instagram and think of me as a completely different person – because when I meet people out, they always say, ‘You’re so much nicer than I expected’.”

Higgins made it to the final of Love Island 2019, finishing in fourth place with ballroom dancer Curtis Pritchard.

The pair have remained a couple since leaving the villa and Pritchard recently travelled to Ireland to be introduced to Higgins’ friends and family.

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