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Jameela Jamil and Cara Delevingne prove they have ‘sorted out their differences’ following Karl Lagerfeld dispute with selfie

Jameela Jamil has confirmed that she and Cara Delevingne have “sorted out their differences”.

On Sunday, The Good Place actor and supermodel both attended the second annual Girl Up Awards in Los Angeles.

The two women were awarded for their activist work by the UN initiative which helps girls become leaders in the fight for gender equality.

On Thursday, Jamil posted a selfie which was taken at the ceremony featuring herself and Delevingne.

In the caption, the body positivity campaigner confirmed that the pair were no longer at odds following a dispute earlier this year regarding the late Karl Lagerfeld

“We had a very public disagreement, and sorted out our differences rationally, and empathetically, as humans in person,” Jamil wrote.

“I like it when women work together. We are invariably stronger this way.”

Jamil also shared a photograph to her Instagram account featuring herself, Delevingne and actor Kate Hudson, alongside which she wrote: “It’s nice when girls get together to celebrate other girls. 

“Being honoured at the #girlup awards was humbling and inspiring. Congrats to all the honorees Sunday including @[email protected] 

Earlier this year, the former radio presenter and Delevingne were involved in a Twitter debate after Jamil described Lagerfeld as “ruthless” and a “misogynist” just days after his death.

Delevingne defended the fashion designer, asking Jamil to keep her opinions to herself and “stop bashing people for attention”.

“You are calling him ruthless??? Are you kidding me?” Delevigne, who was close to the designer and frequently models for Chanel, responded.

The reaction prompted a heated exchange in which Jamil referred to Lagerfeld as a “bad human” for his comments regarding weight and race.

“We can’t chalk decades of abusive rhetoric towards minorities as ‘being human’ or ‘making mistakes,’” Jamil wrote. 

“Doing it once as a joke and then apologising is one thing, doing it again and again in spite of public outcry is a bad human. I’m sorry to speak ill of someone you love.”

Throughout Lagerfeld’s career, he was frequently criticised for his comments on topics ranging from weight to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp.

In addition to perpetuating the idea that models should be thin, the designer once said: “If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model! Join a nunnery,” regarding victims of sexual harassment.

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