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Couple exchange vows in first Bollywood wedding at Disneyland Paris

The Disney wedding to end all Disney weddings has officially taken place.

For many Disney fans, the chance to get married at one of the company’s parks is the ultimate dream come true.  

And while countless couples have chosen to celebrate their special day with Disney over the years, none have done it quite like Varun Bhanot and Anisha Seth.

Earlier this month, the Disney-loving duo tied the knot in the first Bollywood wedding at Disneyland Paris.

The two-day event saw the couple exchange their vows in a midnight ceremony outside the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle before later hosting a Hindu ceremony by the theme park’s lake.

Bhanot and Seth even shared their first dance with much-loved characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, while Goofy was also on hand dancing with family members to bhangra.

The couple invited a total of 350 guests to the magical event and provided a sit-down banquet inspired by Aladdin, where Middle Eastern and Indian food was served.

The bride wore four dresses, including a traditional white wedding gown, over the course of the weekend of 6 and 7 September.

Seth, whose favourite Disney films are Cinderella and The Lion King, described the day as the couple’s real-lie “happy ever after”.

“I know our guests had a great time,” Seth said. “I think it was definitely one of those things that you know has never been done.

“We had a fairy tale wedding – a lot of people coin the term ‘happy ever after’, but I think for us it definitely was on this occasion.”

The couple, who share a background in events organising and also run a charity together, spent nearly a year planning the wedding and spent Valentine’s Day at the venue to get an idea of what they wanted. 

(SWNS) (Rashpal / SWNS)

“Paris is the city of love –  that all played into the idea,” Bhanot said.

“We have been Disney fans for years, and we have organised big events together. We thought we would put our heads together and do something a bit different.“

The wedding was estimated to cost tens of thousands of pounds, but the couple, who have been together for five years, said that Disneyland Paris chipped in to subsidise it.

(SWNS) (Rashpal / SWNS)

Wedding packages at the resort are advertised on the Disneyland Paris website as costing between €32,000 (£28,381) and €55,000 (£48,780).

Similarly, a reception at the Magic Kingdom Wedding Pavilion in Orlando for around 100 to 150 guests will set couples back around £32,000.

(Rashpal / SWNS)

The cost includes dinner, photographer, videographer, bar, DJ and entertainment from Disney characters. 

“Each Disney wedding destination offers something unique, something any couple can get excited about and something all your guests can enjoy,” the Disney Weddings website says.

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