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twin peaks

Twin Peaks will make sense in the end, Kyle MacLachlan says

twin peaks

Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan has said that the series will “make sense” if audiences persevere.

Maclachlan, who plays FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, has returned to David Lynch’s show after its 26-year hiatus.

David Lynch brought back the TV show after a 26-year break (Ian West/PA)

If the original two seasons were filled with mystery and intrigue, this one is far more surreal.

But Maclachlan said viewers must stick with the 18-part series in order for everything to become clear.

“I think we all knew it was going to be a challenging journey for the audience, simply because it is 18 parts of one giant piece, and it’s sequential, so people really have to stay with it,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

“And also that David’s storytelling is filled with imagery and different perspectives and characters and things that may initially be confusing to people, but ultimately everything will come back together and make sense.

“It will be clear.”

Viewers are yet to see MacLachlan fully revive his role as Dale Cooper (Tony DiMaio/PA)

As the series approaches its mid-way point, viewers are yet to see MacLachlan revive the role of Cooper role in full, with the character having spent 25 years in the Black Lodge.

He has instead been playing the agent’s evil doppelganger and the childlike husband, Dougie Jones.

Although many of the original characters from the 1990s run have returned, the series has largely moved away from the sleepy town of Twin Peaks.

MacLachlan, 58, said: “Many people wanted the nostalgic return to the Twin Peaks that they remembered. And that’s not what we’re representing here. There are a lot of new stories going forward.”


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