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Karen's death

‘I won’t even tell my family who killed Karen’, says Fair City’s Detective Yates

Karen’s death


THE actor playing the detective investigating Karen’s Fair City stabbing murder has said he’s been getting grilled by members of the public desperate to found out whodunnit.

Actor Nigel Mercier, who plays Detective Yates, has naturally been sworn to secrecy by the producers of the hit RTE programme. However, the former Glenroe star said that doesn’t stop viewers from quizzing him on the identity of her killer.

“I’m right in the centre of the storyline and I’m getting a very good reaction from it,” he said. “One of the first things that people are saying to me is, ‘Who did it?’

“And then the next thing they always say is, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody!’ Even my own family don’t know who it is.”

He did reveal to the Herald that it won’t be a long, drawn-out plot line and viewers will start getting some answers shortly, despite there being so many suspects. Sean has already been crossed off the list and this week viewers will see the investigation turn toward Wayne (Victor Burke) and Oisin (Stephen Byrne) – who’s actually Nigel’s former student at the acting school he runs in Limerick.

“There’s quite a few suspects and the thing with Yates is, he thinks everybody is guilty unless he crossed them off his list and there’s quite a few people that Karen had a run-in with that night,” he said.

Everyone is playing detective over Karen killing, says Fair City’s Jenny”He’s a fantastic character to play. It’s one that you can really throw yourself into as opposed to just coming in and doing a scene and then going home, so we’re moving on to the two lads this week.

“Viewers will probably get a hint of who it is next week and then it will be confirmed in the next three or four weeks, so it won’t be drawn out.”

He also responded to comments about being the new “eye candy” in Carrigstown.

“Isn’t that brilliant? It’s very flattering to hear in my 50s, that it’s not just my wife who finds me attractive.”

He previously played Des Brennan in Glenroe and said it’s nice to be back in the TV limelight again.

“It’s so weird because it’s been about 25 years since I was on Glenroe and the fame had faded,” he said.

“I was starting to enjoy my anonymity and then I was starting to get looks again like, ‘Is that the guy from TV?’ I had forgotten what all that is like but it’s great and it shows a lot of people watch it, even if they say they only caught it because their wife watches it.”


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