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Chris Packham: Muesli and poodles - Five things I can’t live without

Chris Packham: Muesli and poodles – Five things I can’t live without

Chris Packham: Muesli and poodles - Five things I can’t live without

1 My library

I absolutely love reading and I am very lucky to have my own library at home.
 At the moment it is bursting with books but that hasn’t stopped me buying more.
Most of the titles on my shelves are about nature but I love history too and I recently read two great books, one on the Battle of Waterloo and another about the Dambusters.

I do try to squeeze some fiction in occasionally although I’m not keen on the contemporary stuff. My favourite author is F Scott Fitzgerald.

Chris Packham opens up about struggles with Asperger’s syndrome

 2 Muesli
Every morning I have exactly the same breakfast of muesli and soya milk and that never changes.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and I guess my need for routine is typical of the condition.

If I run out of my favourite cereal it really does send me into a blind panic. I rarely eat lunch and at night I always have grilled fish, rice and vegetables.

Eating the same thing every day means I don’t have to think too much about shopping. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food.

The other day a friend’s wife, who is a marvellous cook, made me a wonderful lunch and I devoured every mouthful. I just don’t want to eat to excess all the time.

Chris Packham GETTY

The animal expert enjoys muesli and soya milk for breakfast every morning

3 Birds

I spend a great deal of time and money feeding birds in my garden. Just watching them from my kitchen window gives me a huge amount of pleasure.

I often see goldfinches, blue tits and a woodpecker on the feeders and I like the fact that I am contributing in some way to the wellbeing of the country’s wildlife.

My fascination with nature began as a small boy and although my parents knew very little about the natural world themselves, they always encouraged my interest.

I am glad to say that it has been an enduring passion ever since.

4 Movies

Most evenings I try to watch a movie before bed. My favourite type of film is a classic epic that I can really lose myself in.

My favourites include blockbusters such as Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now and Lawrence Of Arabia. I am happy to watch any of them over and over.

Charlotte often jokes that I have the viewing tastes of a 12-year-old and she is probably right. But I’m not really bothered about being sophisticated, all I want is to relax and to be entertained.

I enjoy the occasional box set too and I am working my way through The Returned, a supernatural French series set in a small Alpine village. It is simply spellbinding.

Chris Packham SpringwatchGETTY

Chris tries to watch a movie before bed every night

5 My Poodle

My beloved miniature poodle Mr Scratchy, who is now 14, really is my right-hand man as we do everything together. He is a very typical poodle.

As a breed this kind of dog tends to be highly intelligent, rather challenging and exuberant and he is all of these things.

Mr Scratchy hates being away from my side and we enjoy walking in the nearby woods. His constant devotion and endless zest bring such happiness to my life. l

Chris Packham is an ambassador for Camping in the Forest, a collection of environmentally friendly caravan and camping sites in the woodlands of the Forestry Commission. 


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