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Russia Ukraine war live: Putin and Kim shake hands for 40 seconds as weapons talks begin

Russia Ukraine war live: Putin and Kim shake hands for 40 seconds as weapons talks begin

Russia’s war in Ukraine

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived at Russia’s far east spaceport where he will hold weapons talks with Vladimir Putin.

Mr Putin arrived a short while earlier for the summit at the Vostochny cosmodrome, Russia’s prominent rocket launch site.

And, massive explosions rocked Russia’s Black Sea Fleet shipyard in Crimea’s Sevastopol this morning after an apparent Ukrainian missile strike hit the facility.

The attack on the major naval city took place around 3am and according to a local Russian-installed official injured 24 people.

Videos purporting to show the strike showed three explosions in quick succession in Sevastopol.

Russian-installed governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev blamed the attack on “the enemy”, commonly used to refer to Ukraine by the Kremlin and its officials particularly for attacks on its territories or Russia-controlled territory.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attack but it says striking Crimean infrastructure helps its counteroffensive against Russia.


Putin says Russia will help North Korea build satellites

Vladimir Putin said Russia will help North Korea build satellites as he toured Kim Jong-un around Russia’s newest cosmodrome.

On being asked if Russia would help North Korea build satellites, Mr Putin said: “That is why we’ve come to Vostochny Cosmodrome.”

He also said the two leaders will discuss “all issues” when asked about whether the summit will include weapons trade talks.

Mr Putin welcomed Mr Kim at the entrance to a launch vehicle assembly building and the two men shook hands.

Mr Kim’s translator thanked the Russian president for the warm welcome, “despite being busy.” The two leaders will inspect the cosmodrome and then sit down for talks, Russian state media reported.

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‘Glad to see you’: Putin welcomes Kim to space rocket launch site

Vladimir Putin welcomed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia’s most modern space rocket launch site.

“I am glad to see you,” Mr Putin said as he shook Mr Kim’s hand for around 40 seconds. “This is our new cosmodrome.”

Via a translator, Mr Kim thanked Putin for the invitation and for the warmth of his reception.

Arpan Rai13 September 2023 05:43


Putin and Kim Jong-un meet for weapons talks as North Korea fires ballistic missiles

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles just hours before its leader Kim Jong-un was expected to meet Vladimir Putin for one-to-one talks in Russia.

The missile launch comes as Mr Kim arrived in Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome today for the first time in almost four years in his heavily armoured private train to meet president Putin – a rare meeting that is being closely watched amid international concerns about a potential arms deal and their partnership against the West.

Shweta Sharma reports here:

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BREAKING: Kim Jong-un arrives for talks with Putin in Russia

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived at Russia’s far east spaceport where he will hold weapons talks with Vladimir Putin.

Mr Putin arrived a short while earlier for the summit at the Vostochny cosmodrome.

Arpan Rai13 September 2023 05:14


Kim Jong-un stresses ‘strategic importance’ of Russia ties ahead of meeting Putin

Kim Jong-un has said his visit to Russia shows the “strategic importance” of the two countries’ ties, state news agency KCNA reported as he is expected to meet Vladimir Putin today at a summit.

“Kim Jong-un said that his visit to the Russian Federation is a clear manifestation of the stand of the WPK (Worker’s Party of Korea) and the government of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) prioritising the strategic importance of DPRK-Russia relations,” the KCNA report said.

The meeting, which could be as early as today, is being watched apprehensively by Washington and allies, who suspect the two leaders will discuss military cooperation and could agree on a deal to trade arms and defence technology.

Mr Kim arrived in Russia by private train yesterday in the Russian Far East accompanied by top defence industry and military aides, and was welcomed by an honour guard and senior Russian and regional officials.

Arpan Rai13 September 2023 05:06


Photos show massive fire engulfing Russia’s Black Sea Fleet shipyard

An early morning attack on Sevastopol has left an important Russian shipyard in flames, according to photos and videos purporting to show the incident.

At least three simultaneous explosions can be seen in videos of the attack on the vast shipyard, which serves as the site of construction and repair of ships for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The attack on the major naval city took place at 3am.

The Independent has not verified the authenticity of the videos. There was no immediate comment from Kyiv.

Ukraine almost never publicly claims responsibility for attacks inside Russia or on Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine, but has been saying in recent months that destroying Russia’s military infrastructure helps Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

Arpan Rai13 September 2023 04:22


Morning air attack in Crimea sparks fire, injures 24

An air attack early today sparked a fire at the Sevastopol Shipyard in Crimea, injuring at least 24 people, the Russia-installed governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhayev said, blaming “enemies”.

According to preliminary information, the fire was caused by a missile attack, he said.

“I am at the scene of a fire on the southern site of Sevmorzavod. All operational services are working on site, there is no danger to civilian objects in the city,” he said on his official Telegram channel, with a photo showing him at the spot of explosion with a fire blazing in the background.

He added: “Trust information only from official sources. To avoid helping the enemy, do not post a video about the incident.”

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Poland says it won’t lift its embargo on Ukraine grain because it would hurt its farmers

Poland’s prime minister says his government will not lift its embargo on imports of Ukrainian grain as scheduled Friday because it would hurt Polish farmers.

“Poland will not allow Ukraine grain to flood us,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Tuesday on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Regardless of the decisions of the clerks in Brussels, we will not open up our borders,” Morawiecki said in the midst of intensive campaigning for 15 October parliamentary elections.

Eleanor Noyce13 September 2023 03:00


Whether Russia or the Soviet Union, a timeline of Moscow’s relations with North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has arrived in Russia to see President Vladimir Putin. It will be the two isolated leaders’ second meeting. Their governments have not confirmed an agenda, but US officials say Putin may ask for artillery and other ammunition for his war in Ukraine.

Such a request would mark a reversal of roles from the 1950-53 Korean War when the Soviet Union provided ammunition, warplanes and pilots to support communist North Korea‘s invasion of the South and the decades of Soviet sponsorship of the North that followed.

Despite their often aligning interests, relations between Russia and North Korea have experienced highs and lows. Here is a timeline of some key events:

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Just 14 UK tanks for Ukraine? We must do better than that

Complacency could be the enemy of success in Ukraine. It is 564 days since Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine shook to the core assumptions about our UK and European security. War in Europe is a brutal reminder that to be secure at home, we must be strong abroad – and that our allies are the UK’s great strategic strength. Defence of the UK starts in Ukraine.

Despite deeply dug and heavily mined Russian defences, the Ukrainians are gradually getting the upper hand on the battlefield in the south, as well as diversifying the ways it is hitting the enemy – from airfields at depth in Russia, to targets in Crimea, to Russian ships in the Black Sea.

Some have criticised the slow pace of Ukraine’s counter-offensive. Yet its forces are making a similar rate of progress as British troops advancing into Normandy after the D-Day landings. Now is the time for Ukraine’s allies to double down on our support.

Britain’s military backing of Zelensky has been dwarfed by our EU allies, writes shadow defence secretary John Healey. If we are serious about defeating Putin – and defending Britain – we must double down on our support:

Eleanor Noyce13 September 2023 01:00


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