Priyanka Chopra is a ‘long-time’ Crocs fan

For a long time, Crocs were the shoes everyone loved to hate. But in recent years, thanks to designers like Christopher Kane and Balenciaga launching their own luxe versions, the infamous orthopaedic sandals have become a cult fashion item. 

Now, Priyanka Chopra has confessed to being a long-time fan of the infamous shoes and has just been revealed as the star of the brand’s latest campaign.

But this unlikely pairing has a philanthropic edge: as part of the new campaign, the company has arranged to donate 50,000 pairs of Crocs to children in Belize through UNICEF.

Speaking to ELLE about the project, Chopra explained it came about after she went on a charitable trip with UNICEF.

“I have to say. I have been a fan and a user of Crocs for a very, very long time,” the actor said. “So, I remember I was doing a UNICEF trip one time, and I saw all of these kids with no shoes or rundown shoes.

“And I remember saying at that point that I wear Crocs so often, that Crocs would be a better shoe that would last, look good; kids would have comfort.”

For those confused about how to style a pair of Crocs without looking like you’re going on an expedition, Chopra offered some tips, explaining she wears hers with silk shirts or camel-coloured T-shirts.

“It’s such a great everyday shoe,” Chopra added, pointing to playful variations that come with embellishments or fur linings.

The actor wouldn’t be averse to wearing Crocs on the red carpet, either.

“If I were to wear Crocs on a red carpet, I would choose the Crocs sandal because it has a heel,” Chopra said.

“And I would wear that with a dress that had a slit, so that you can see one side of the leg and it would add length to it. I would probably choose a black pair, and have like a really cool pedicure as well, with the slide, so the leg would look really amazing.”

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