Pixel 4 XL video leaks reveal astrophotography camera and other key features

A series of videos appearing to contain the Pixel 4 smartphone mean nearly all the specs and features of Google‘s next Android device have been revealed.

There is still one month to go until the expected release date of the Pixel 4 and the leaks suggest the next-generation handset will be the biggest upgrade to the tech giant’s flagship range of phones.

One of the biggest improvements will be to the camera, with both the front- and rear-facing cameras receiving considerable upgrades.

An extensive video posted to YouTube by Vietnamese channel AnhEm TV gives a comprehensive tour of the unreleased phone, revealing a dual-lens rear camera and complex sensors on the front that will likely allow the same depth-aware facial recognition that is featured on new iPhones.

A leaked promo video showing off the Pixel 4 also demoed the device’s gesture-based controls, as well as the camera’s ability to capture clear images of the night sky.

The video, which first appeared on Spanish-language site ProAndroid, gave an idea of what the Pixel 4’s astrophotography feature will be like.

It comes with the tagline “You even get the stars” and shows off an image of the Milky Way in impressive detail.

In an effort to pre-empt the inevitable leaks, Google took the unconventional approach of publishing images of its next flagship phone months ahead of its expected launch.

“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go!” the company tweeted in June. “Wait ’til you can see what it can do.”

The images confirmed several key features, including dual rear cameras for at least one model of its Pixel range of smartphones.

Google took the unusual step of unveiling its new Pixel 4 smartphone on Twitter ahead of the official release date (Google)

It is the first time Google has included more than one lens on a Pixel phone, having previously opted to combine a single lens with powerful artificial intelligence technology to improve its cameras’ capabilities.

Google’s leak also confirmed that there will be no rear fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 4.

Despite Google’s attempts to outfox leakers, a slew of subsequent leaks mean nearly all of the phone’s specs appear to be now known.

Other specs widely leaked include a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM and an improved battery compared to the Pixel 3. 

Similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 4 will come in two sizes, with the 5.7-inch standard version complemented by a 6.3-inch edition called the Pixel 4 XL.

Both devices are expected to be unveiled on 9 October, with a released date set for 18 October.

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