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Queen Elizabeth indulges in chocolate cake and French champagne everyday

Queen Elizabeth indulges in chocolate cake and French champagne everyday

Queen Elizabeth indulges in chocolate cake and French champagne everyday

In a fairy tale world, Her Majesty The Queen would most likely, sip tea and feast on only the finest gastronomic delights all day, every day. However, that’s not the case. In an interview with The Telegraph her former chefs beg to differ and they say that she’s actually not much of a foodie and likes to keep things simple.

We’ve found some more juicy details about her favourites, her routine and other eating habits.

1. She single-handedly finishes a chocolate cake by enjoying a small piece every day
In an interview with Recipes Plus Darren McGrady, author of Eating Royally and former Royal family chef, revealed that the Queen eats chocolate biscuit cake every day and wherever she travels her chocolate cake will follow.

Several types of cakes are baked for her on a regular basis and while she’s happy for staff to help themselves to a slice of any of the other cakes, no one is allowed to have a slice of her chocolate biscuit cake.

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2. She believes in eating low carb
When eating alone, The Queen has a strict ‘no starch’ rule. A typical lunch would include something effortless and simple like fish with veggies or chicken and salad.

3. Drinks – she partakes in day drinking and drinks French champagne every day
She is famously known to enjoy a gin and Dubonnet with lots of ice just before her lunch a few hours before she pops the corks at dessert time.

4. She is particularly fond of Special K cereal
She kicks off her morning sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea – milk please, no sugar – from (what we presume her finest) bone china accompanied by a few biscuits. A little while later she enjoys a breakfast spread, which includes cereal (Special K being her fave), yoghurt and maple syrup.

5. Something straight out of a fairy tale – she goes all out for tea and has a high tea every day
We were pleased to see that The Queen actually does enjoy a proper afternoon high tea daily. The tables are decked with finger sandwiches (no crusts!), scones and her favourite cakes.

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BONUS: Her pets also receive the royal treatment when it comes to food
A typical meal for her pet corgis include simmered rabbit, cooked chicken and finely sliced meat! After discovering this, it came as no surprise to us that the Queen’s horses eat perfectly peeled carrots that have to be strictly a finger’s length so that they don’t bite her fingers when she wants to feed them. Bless!

What would you choose to eat if you were Queen Elizabeth? Tell us in the comments section below!


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