Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Former Manson Family member responds to portrayal in Tarantino film

A former Manson Family member has responded to her portrayal in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, saying seeing herself in Quentin Tarantino‘s film was “a trip”.

Dianne “Snake” Lake, played on the screen by Sydney Sweeney, was 14 years old when she joined Charles Manson’s cult. She eventually served as a key witness for the prosecution that resulted in Manson’s life sentence.

Snake is seen in Once Upon a Time…. in Hollywood when Brad Pitt’s character, Cliff Booth, visits the Manson ranch.

She doesn’t feature extremely prominently but is seen several times interacting with Dakota Fanning’s Squeaky, who tells her to guard the door as Booth approaches.

Asked by The Daily Beast to give her impressions about the film, Lake said: “That was a trip! It was like, ‘Snake! See who’s coming’ or ‘Snake! Be the lookout.’ I can’t remember exactly what she said.

“I actually had said something to Jim [her husband] at the moment they said Snake. So, I need to watch it again.”

Lake recounted staying in the cinema after the film and watching the credits to find out the name of the actress who portrays her.

“We waited and watched the credits so I could see her name. That was cool,” she added.

“There were not many people who were actually named. Most of the girls were a kind of composite.”

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Overall, Lake found Tarantino’s depiction of the ranch where the Manson Family lived “pretty accurate”.

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is out in the US now and will be released in the UK on 14 August.

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