Nancy Pelosi picture: Trump tried to use photo from ‘meltdown’ meeting to troll her. She made it her cover photo

Nancy Pelosi changed her Twitter cover photo to a picture that shows her standing up to Donald Trump during a tense meeting at the White House after the president shared the image while mocking the House speaker.

Ms Pelosi and other House leaders were at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the administration’s policy in Syria following Mr Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from the region. 

What ensued was a reported “meltdown” on the part of the president, according to House minority leader Chuck Schumer, who told reporters in a press conference shortly after that Mr Trump called Ms Pelosi a “third-rate politician” and added: “This was not a dialogue. It was sort of a diatribe … Not focused on the facts, particularly the facts about how to contain Isis”. 

Mr Trump later posted multiple photos from the meeting while attacking the “Do Nothing Democrats” on Twitter. He shared a seemingly candid picture of Ms Pelosi with the caption, “Do you think they like me?” and then another that shows her standing up in the room as everyone else is seated, her finger pointed at the president who appears to be making a face back at her. 

“Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown!” he captioned the photo. 

The House speaker then posted the image to her own Twitter profile. Hammill, her deputy chief of staff, posted a screenshot of her updated profile page and wrote, “Thanks for the new cover photo @realDonaldTrump!” 

Ms Pelosi also described the meeting as a meltdown in the press conference with Mr Schumer, as they informed the media they had walked out of the meeting with the president and Republican leaders. 

“What we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown,” she said. “Sad to say.”

Just before the meeting had taken place, the House passed a resolution condemning the president’s actions in Syria in an emphatic 354-60 vote — a rare, major fracturing of the Republican House members and the White House. 

Ms Pelosi said she believed “the size of the vote” was part of the reason why Mr Trump appeared angry in the meeting at the White House. 

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“More than two to one of the Republicans voted to oppose what the president did — it probably got to the president, because he was shaken up by it,” she said. 

She added: “That’s why we couldn’t continue in the meeting, because he was just not relating to the reality of it.”

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