Love Island catch-up: Will Amber choose Michael or Greg? Plus, three other talking points

Love Island has just a few weeks left to go – and things are coming full circle for several islanders.

Not that it’s as clear-cut for everybody, mind. Michael has thrown a huge curveball Amber’s way, which is conveniently timed with the arrival of new islander Greg, while Chris is scaling the sidelines just to see which girl filters through to him. Bless.

It certainly seems like fan favourite Ovie might have finally found someone who’s actually interested in him, though, which is good news for viewers considering another couple are days away from leaving the villa.

Below are the four biggest talking points from the latest episode.

1. Michael comes clean to Amber

So, just days after he somewhat angrily told Amber he wasn’t interested in her, he’s now done a huge 180 and is apparently very much into her. Tonight’s episode saw him take Amber to one side and explain his feelings, but she wasn’t so sure – and for good reason. She reminds Michael that he was very much interested in someone else (Joanna) just days ago, but Michael – ever the snake – swiftly rewrites history and wants to know which girl she’s “specifically” referring to. It seems the £50,000 prize fund is weighing very heavily on his mind.  . 

2. Greg raises an excellent point

New arrival Greg has a theory about Michael’s change of heart. He tells Amber he thinks it’s extremely “convenient” that Michael suddenly wants Amber back – just as she begins to show interest in somebody else (himself). The Irish contestant’s fans – namely Maura, Anna and Bell – agree, but Amber, whether she’s convinced by his point or not, makes it clear her mind is not made up. It seems she still has feelings for Michael, even if she’s sad Greg didn’t kiss her during the latest challenge. After weeks of drama for the islander, Amber’s holding all the cards.

3. Ovie’s finally cooking up a storm

It’s taken a few weeks for the girls in the villa to pick up on the fact that Ovie is quite clearly the best Love Island 2019 prospect. It’s India who’s reaping the rewards, much to the upset of Chris – very much the David to Ovie’s Goliath (”..but David did win,” Chris wittily points out at one stage). Not that Ovie’s chats with India are that sizzling. At one point, she asks him if he believes in love at first sight, to which Ovie – who has seen India many times by now – replies: “I dunno, but you can make me a believer.” The fact he can still remain cool despite dishing outthis kind of awkward wisdom says a lot.

4. Recoupling klaxon

With the fate of several islanders up in the air, Maura gets a well-timed text informing everybody that a recoupling is about to take place. So, where are we? Ovie and India seem like a good bet, although Chris is quite clearly keen on the latter – even if Harley’s making some moves on him. The power is in the girls’ hands this time around, though so the big question is: who will Amber pick – and will you cancel your Friday night plans to find out?

Look back at all the updates from the latest episode as they happened 

Hello, and welcome to tonight’s Love Island live blog.

Take a peek at every contestant’s Instagram page for a look at what they get up to outside of the villa.


40 minutes left to go until we (hopefully) see Ovie find some romance…

The Race for Romance – that would actually be a better name for this TV show.

Has the world ever been rooting for a coupling LESS than Michael and Amber?

A win for Michael would be a win for awful dudes everywhere.

The situation Michael was in is that he was with another girl who has now left and now he just wants to stay to eke out his five minutes… right?

It’s been very quiet on the Curtis and Maura front, huh? NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING.

“Relationship Analysis with Ovie” – I’d watch it.

Wait, wasn’t Amber furious with Anna for not defending her against Michael the other day?

Let’s spare 5 seconds for Joanna watching this back home…

I’m enjoying Amber holding the cards here.

Michael just wants the 50k! But, then again, so does Amber probably.

I can think of two words you should have for Michael, Amber.

“Roll with the punches, bro” – spoken like a true boxer, Tommy.

Okay, now ​that chat is out of the way, does someone wanna tell me who the hell Greg is?

Now, I dunno who Greg is but he’s making excellent points.

Even though he clearly just wants the £50,000 too (we mustn’t forget about the prize fund and the fact that all of these couples won’t be together in approximately two months).

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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