Little Mix pick their top 10 favourite Christmas songs

Little Mix have achieved what many thought was impossible – release a good Christmas song in the year of our Baby Yoda, 2019. 

“One I’ve Been Missing”, which was co-written with R&B artist Sinead Harnett, has all the classic elements of a festive hit: Sleigh-bells, warm harmonies and lyrics about being with your loved ones after too much time away. 

We caught up with the group to talk about their plans for Christmas this year, and to pick their 10 favourite festive songs.

Why did you decide to release a Christmas song this year?

Leigh-Anne: We’d always wanted to write a Christmas song, we don’t know why it’s taken eight years!

Perrie: The closest we got was putting sleigh-bells on “Love Me Like You” and promoted it as a Christmas edition, until the lovely Leigh-Anne wrote one, when was it?

Leigh-Anne: It was two Christmases ago, I wrote it with Sinead Harnett. We felt like it was the right time to release one, and we loved it because it’s cute and it’s how we feel when we’ve been away all year, we want to get back to our loved ones. We’re very blessed because we get to see our family, we get to eat whatever we want…

Who does the best Christmas dinner?

Leigh-Anne to Perrie: You cooked last year, didn’t you?

Perrie: I cooked Christmas dinner last year and it was the most stressful experience of my life. I’d bought my mum a car from Christmas that year and I surprised her with it, and after that she just went into ‘car-la’ land and she wasn’t paying attention to me. I was like: ‘Mam, quick, the potatoes!’ She was just in this big daze. But yeah, the turkey went down a storm so I’m doing it again this Christmas, my boyfriend’s requested it. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, you put butter, chopped cranberries and thyme together, and mix it up, and then you put it under the skin. 

Leigh-Anne: My mum and a family friend get together to cook, and I wrap the pigs in blankets. And I make the mulled wine.

Jesy: I can’t cook for s**t.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Jade: Just being with my family really. Being around the kids makes such a difference, they’re so much more excited!

Here are Little Mix’s top 10 Christmas songs

1. Mariah Carey – ”All I Want for Christmas is You”

*Perrie: It’s gotta be. It’s such a classic. As soon as that intro starts I’m there. I’m already on Christmas Eve in the spirit.

Leigh-Anne:  I feel with that song ‘Love Actually’ made it even bigger in Britain probably. It kind of gave it even more. Remember when you first watched ‘Love Actually’ we were young, weren’t we? And it kind of made it even more special.

Perrie: I remember wanting to be that little girl singing it onstage!

2. Wham – “Last Christmas”

3. Shakin’ Stevens – “Merry Christmas Everyone”

4. Chris Rea – “Driving Home For Christmas”

5. Band Aid – “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

6. Destiny’s Child – “8 Days Of Christmas”

7. Ariana Grande – “Santa Tell Me”

8. KAMILLE ft. Next Town Down – “Santa x4”

*Kamille writes all our hits. She’s amazing. Next Town Down: amazing boyband. Really R&B. Very nice.

9. Brenda Lee – “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

*Perrie: Because it just gets you in the Christmas spirit! 

10. Nat King Cole & Dean Martin – “O Holy Night”

*Leigh-Anne: I had the Dean Martin and Nat King Cole Christmas album and it is beautiful.

“One I’ve Been Missing” is out now

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