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Trump says US wants ‘nothing to do’ with NHS – despite previous claim it was ‘on the table’ 


Asked about the controversy over the NHS and a potential UK-US trade deal, Donald Trump has denied wanting any part of the British health service.


He told reporters: “I have nothing to do with it, never even thought about it honestly – we have enough … Look, we are going to have a great healthcare system, we’re doing great heath care work, we’ve got things really running well.”


“If you handed it [the NHS] to us on a silver platter, we would want nothing to do with it.”


Trump previously publically stated: “When you’re dealing in trade everything is on the table – the NHS or anything else.”


Trump also said he could “work with anybody” when asked whether he could work with Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister. He replied: “I can work with anybody, I’m a very easy person to work with.”

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