Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner (Plus Kanye West!) Talk About Their Empire, Jesus and Donald Trump

“Now it’s a little bit more personal for me. If I have a paid post that comes in and I think, ‘O.K., well this can fund x amount of people that are behind bars, that can help free them with simple legal fees that they just can’t afford, then that would be worth it to me, even if the post might be a little bit off-brand for me.’ I really weigh out different things now than I used to.”

“When I mentioned I was having a CBD baby shower because I needed some calm before the storm of a fourth kid coming, every CBD company on the planet reached out. And it’s kind of this joke also that I do, if I really want something and I’m a bit lazy, I can tweet, ‘I’m loving Oreos, I’m craving Oreos right now,’ and then on my doorstep, every flavor Oreo will show up.”

“I thought Kim would be so great in a ‘Got Milk’ campaign, remember like everybody did these ‘Got Milk’ campaigns? And I thought, oh, well she’s perfect for that — I don’t know where that came from and I’m sure I was a lot more excited and enthusiastic about this idea then the ‘Got Milk’ people were, so that really never came to fruition.

“A couple years ago, Kim was in a music video and she was taking a milk bath and I thought, ‘You did it Kim, you got milk all over that body!’”

“I will say a cute story since my husband’s here. So there was a fast-fashion brand, a few of them, and they would knock off Yeezy all the time, his color palette, designs. So this fast-fashion brand offered me a million dollars for an Instagram post and I thought, ‘O.K., well that’s easy’ — just to wear clothes that I could pick, anything that I wanted, it’s a quick post — and when I told him about it he asked me not to do it and said out of respect, I don’t think that we should be giving them everything, they copy everything.

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