Jared Kushner hid from Trump after capitol riot, book claims

Jared Kushner avoided Donald Trump the day after the 6 January Capitol riot because he was worried they would get into a fight, a new book on the final days of Mr Trump’s presidency claims.

Mr Kushner told a Republican lawmaker he stayed away from the White House after the riot, saying: “We’ll just get in a fight if I go over there.”

The fissure between the president and his senior adviser and son-in-law is revealed in ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl’s new book The Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, which is set for release Tuesday.

According to an excerpt, reviewed by Insider, Mr Kushner had been flying back to Washington DC from Saudi Arabia when a mob of armed Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol.

Upon landing at Joint Base Andrews, he was told it would be dangerous for him to go to the White House and he returned home.

While his wife Ivanka Trump put out, and later deleted, a tweet on 6 January calling on “American patriots” to stop the violence immediately, Mr Kushner remained silent.

The couple hosted dinner their Washington DC home the next day, attended by several Trump administration officials including economic advisor Larry Kudlow, where the riots were not discussed.

According to The Betrayal, the guests instead talked about starting a new think tank.

After leaving the White House, Mr Kushner and Ms Trump purchased a $24m mansion in Miami, near to Mr Trump’s private resort Mar-a-Lago.

CNN reported in June that Mr Kushner is no longer in regular contact with his father n law, after becoming frustrated with his obsession that the 2020 election was stolen.

He is planning to launch a new investment firm Affinity Partners, headquartered in Miami.

Mr Kushner is also writing a memoir about his time in the White House, where he advised Mr Trump on everything from Middle East peace to the Covid-19 pandemic response.

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