‘It’s a Pretty Big Bummer’: Olympic Dreams on Hold

“Hey, guys.” “Hey, what’s up, everybody?” “Hey, everyone.” “Hi, everyone.” “What’s up, guys?” “Hey, it’s Lex Gillette.” “I’m a pro surfer.” “And I’m a canoe slalom athlete.” “Professional distance runner.” “Professional skateboarder.” “Coming to you from San Diego, Calif.” “I’m currently at home, of course. Where else?” “Where I’m staying indoors. Stay inside.” “Just heard about the 2020 Summer Games getting postponed until 2021.” “We heard the news the other day that the Olympics are going to be postponed for next year.” “It’s a pretty big bummer for us.” “Yeah. I heard that the Olympics will be in 2021, so.” “I think the whole situation has been a bit crazy.” “Man, it’s pretty crazy right now, right?” “At the moment, I’m literally packing up my life with the news that the Olympics have been postponed a year.” “This coronavirus, Covid-19, has changed a lot of plans, to say the least.” “We all worked so hard for this, physically and mentally, for this whole upcoming journey.” “I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a piece of me that was heartbroken. I was so looking forward to the Games this summer.” “And yes, that was my big dream, but right now, that’s not that important.” “It’s obviously something bigger than I think we all expected at first.” “And we are doing everything we can in our power to not go stir crazy in our house during this time of quarantine.” “We’re all kind of learning on the fly and taking it day by day and just doing what we can.” “I’ve been training in my backyard. I’ve been doing some workouts.” “My fiance and I have been training and cooking almost all day long.” “I’m doing some gym work in my home gym. Still able to run outside a little bit at this point.” “In Tahiti, we have the sun. We’re lucky we have the sun. We have the water right there.” “Trying to set up a home gym with some dumbbells, some barbells.” “Still going to skate, even if it’s not at the skate park.” “Just been surfing a lot and doing some gym work.” “Not exactly the prettiest gym we’ve ever worked out in, but it’s going to do the job. We’re going to work out.” “We built a little a gym at the park.” “Just getting used to training from home right now.” “Stay busy. Pick up something that you’ve never really done before.” “I’ve always wanted to play the ukulele, or play an instrument.” “So this is my sister Summer.” “What’s up, guys?” “And we are going on the trampoline.” “I do know this one little song. It’s pretty embarrassing but better than not knowing a song.” ♫ “… don’t know it.” ♫ [laughs] “As you can tell, I’m still learning and I’m not the most musically talented.” ♫ “Hope everybody is dealing with this OK. I don’t want anybody to go away.” ♫ “We’ve been doing some games, family games, and drinking coffee and eating chocolate.” “I mean, right now, I’m just spending time with my family, skating inside the house.” “Taking bubble baths. Exercising. Eating appropriately.” “Been here in the studio. I could play y’all something real quick.” ♫ [Rapping] “Yo. It’s like a million scenarios in my cranium, 20/20 vision all I see is packing the stadium. Pride in my chest, steam in my soul, medal round my neck, they gon’ see around the globe. Four years straight my eyes been on the prize. Medal on my neck, see tears on my momma’s eyes. It’s a lesson —” “Yeah. I can’t give y’all too much, but that’s what I’m working on.” “It’s definitely a little scary looking at this next year.” “It’s not what we wanted, but I think that’s the best decision.” “You know, as much as it hurts, I think it was the right call.” “And I think that, right now, what we’re going to need is a revision to be able to make some changes and alterations to ensure that the rest of this year will play out the way we want it to.” “And I am so incredibly proud to be a Paralympic athlete.” “And I’m really looking forward to getting even stronger, and hopefully bringing home some medals in the summer of 2021.” “On that note, I’m going to sign out.” “Wishing everyone a safe and healthy next few weeks.” “I just want to say, stay hungry, stay healthy, you know what I mean? And be positive, and you know, the best is yet to come.” “Looking forward to getting out of this on the other side, and hopefully get to compete at the Olympics.” “So be safe, take care of yourself. We will get through this.” “We’ll see you at 2021 Games, hopefully.” “Finished. Now we do what we all do in quarantine.” “We stay home, we stay safe.” “We watch Netflix and we eat food.” “Yes.” “Let’s go.”

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