Tuesday , 3 October 2023
Gunmen kill Mexico Attorney General's delegate to southern state of Guerrero

Gunmen kill Mexico Attorney General’s delegate to southern state of Guerrero

Gunmen killed the representative of Mexico’s Attorney General’s office in the southern state of Guerrero on Tuesday, according to authorities.

Fernando García Fernández was attacked in his vehicle near his office in the state capital of Chilpancingo. The Guerrero state prosecutor’s office confirmed García’s killing and said it had opened an investigation.

The killing came just days after a regional prosecutor for the Guerrero state prosecutor’s office was killed in Coyuca de Catalan. He had left the region known as Tierra Caliente that borders the state of Michoacan months ago due to threats and had recently returned. He was killed Saturday.

Guerrero is an impoverished state long at the mercy of multiple criminal gangs that traffic drugs and extort residents.


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