Gregg Wallace reveals wife Anna is undergoing hysterectomy aged 33 due to endometriosis

Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace has revealed that his wife, Anna, is preparing to have a hysterectomy to combat her endometriosis.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Wallace explained that he is concerned about the operation, which involves removing the womb, but is looking forward to his wife “being out of pain”.

The couple welcomed their first child together in April, a boy named Sid.

Anna revealed she has struggled with endometriosis, which is when tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places such as the ovaries, since the age of 16.

According to the NHS, symptoms include pelvic pain, constipation, severe menstrual cramps and pain after sex.

“My endometriosis, which I’ve suffered with all my adult life, returned severely after I had Sid,” Anna told the publication. 

“It’s so bad I also have to have part of my intestine removed, as it has attacked my bowel too. It causes me a lot of pain. It’s a big operation and I’ll be in hospital for about ten days with three months recovery.”

Anna predicted that the recovery process will be “slow” but explained that her mother lives with her and Gregg and will be on hand to help.

“After my dad sells his business in Coventry, he’s going to come and live here too,” she added.

Anna revealed that despite battling the condition since she was a teenager, it took years for doctors to diagnose her, which is a common experience for women with endometriosis.

The condition affects around one in 10 women in the world, but the average diagnosis time in the UK is seven and a half years because it is still not fully understood by medical professionals.

In October, more than 13,500 women took part in a study conducted by the BBC that explored how living with endometriosis affects their lives.

Nearly all of the women who participated in the study said the condition negatively impacted their careers, sex lives and mental health.

Following the publication of the research, it was announced that MPs would launch an inquiry into endometriosis that will see patients and healthcare professionals speak about their first-hand experiences and advise the government on how it can intervene.

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