Gogglebox star Lee delights fans with throwback photo of Jenny from the 1980s

Gogglebox fans have been left delighted by a throwback photo of Jenny Newby.

Jenny’s co-star Lee Riley shared the image on their joint Instagram account, quipping: “She’s going to go mat at me.”

The photo shows a permed Jenny, who is 65, in the 1980s, when she was around 30.

Jenny and Lee, who have been best friends for two decades, swiftly became Gogglebox fan favourites after making their debut on the Channel 4 entertainment series in 2014,

Their fans responded with delighted.

One replied: “Hey, we all did it. If you didn’t have a perm in the 80s were you even there?” with another stating: “This why friends and social media are the best thing ever!”

Another predicted that Lee himself had a perm in the 1980s, too.

‘Gogglebox’ star Lee shared a 1980s throwback snap of his co-star Jenny

(Instagram @jennyandlee_gogglebox)

Viewers of the series recently expressed concern when Jenny and Lee failed to show up in an episode that debuted a new family.

Many feared that the pair had been sidelined in favour of giving the new presences more screen time, However, it was revealed the duo were taking a break.

Gogglebox airs Friday nights on Channel 4.

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