Gigi Hadid selected as potential juror in Harvey Weinstein trial

Gigi Hadid has been selected as a potential juror for Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial in New York City.

The model, who lives in Manhattan, was one of the latest pool of 120 potential jurors summoned as part of the case.

Hadid told a judge she would be able to “keep an open mind on the facts” if she were selected as one of the 12 jurors who will rule on whether to acquit or convict the former movie mogul.

Weinstein is accused of raping a woman in 2013 and performing a forcible sex act on another woman in 2006. He has pleaded not guilty and has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Potential jurors such as Hadid are randomly selected as part of court proceedings. They then go through a screening process, the aim of which is to pick 12 impartial jurors.

Hadid said in court that she has met Weinstein as well as actress Salma Hayek, a potential witness, but that she could remain impartial. She was asked to return on Thursday for additional questioning.

Surrounded by photographers as she left the courthouse, the model said: “I’m not allowed to talk about jury duty. I’m sorry.”

Monday marks the second week of jury selection for Weinstein’s criminal trial. The process is expected to last for two weeks, and selecting neutral jurors will likely be a challenge in such a public, divisive case.

If convicted on the most serious charges against him, Weinstein could spend the rest of his life in prison.

More than 80 women have spoken out against the producer, who is now facing new charges in Los Angeles.

Weinstein has not entered a plea in the Los Angeles case, which will be tried later.

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