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England vs New Zealand cricket LIVE: Score and updates as Ben Stokes rested for final ODI at Lord’s

England vs New Zealand cricket LIVE: Score and updates as Ben Stokes rested for final ODI at Lord’s

<p>England's Jonny Bairstow leaves the pitch after he is dismissed by New Zealand's Matt Henry</p>

England’s Jonny Bairstow leaves the pitch after he is dismissed by New Zealand’s Matt Henry


England are looking to seal the series and put on another impressive performance against New Zealand, before all eyes turn to India and the pinnacle of the sport – the Cricket World Cup.

Having been finalists in the previous edition four years ago, England will take on New Zealand again in Ahmedabad on October 5, but before that there is one more ODI left to play in this four-match series, at the Home of Cricket.

Ben Stokes was the star at the Oval on Wednesday, hitting a record-breaking 182 as England stormed to a dominant victory, but there were some other problems Jos Buttler’s side will want to address this time out. England slid to 13-2, and after an incredible partnership of 199 from Stokes and Dawid Malan, the wickets fell once the record-breaking Test captain was out, and the hosts were bowled out with 11 balls remaining.

There were also question marks over Jason Roy’s fitness. He did not play at the Oval due to a back spasm and once again misses out at Lord’s, which will be the final opportunity for the fringe players to push for a place in the World Cup squad, which has to be finalised by September 28. New Zealand will want to bounce back from their heavy defeat on Wednesday, but there was a boost as Kyle Jamieson is building up his recovery from injury.

Follow all the latest live coverage of today’s match in the live blog below:


England 59-1 (11), Malan 37, Root 6, Jamieson 0-3 (1)

After the powerplay, the towering Kyle Jamieson will take over at the Pavilion End.

A good tight start from Jamieson, just halting the flow of runs a bit with just three from his first over.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 13:22


England 56-1 (10), Malan 36, Root 4, Lister 0-8 (1)

A change of bowling now for the first time in this game, for the final over of the powerplay, as Lister replaces Southee from the Nursery End.

And it has been a good start from Lister in only his third ODI, he was one who bowled well at the Oval.

Just the one wicket in the powerplay from England and a healthy total on the board already with nine wickets in hand.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 13:17


England 48-1 (9), Malan 30, Root 2, Henry 1-17 (5)

Root has not found his rhythm here, although he did get off the mark after eight balls.

He tries another reverse scoop and misses the ball, but the finall ball of the over is more comfortably flicked down towards deep fine leg for another single.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 13:12


England 45-1 (8), Malan 29, Root 0, Southee 0-29 (4)

Malan has kept the scoreboard moving however, adding a lovely boundary through the gap between cover and point.

Overshadowed by Stokes, Malan also played well at the Oval, hitting an important 96.

He added a second boundary in the over, helped around the corner, but it was close to fine leg who was on the edge of the ring.

The third came when Southee just offered a bit of width, and was smashed to the cover boundary, after a maiden at the other end, it has been an expensive over.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 13:08


England 33-1 (7), Malan 17, Root 0, Henry 1-14 (4)

Root has struggled to get off the mark here, from coming down the wicket first ball to an attempted reverse scoop that he didn’t get hold of and went straight to the wicketkeeper.

The England batter has played out a maiden from Henry, and not looked comfortable so far.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 13:04


England 32-1 (6), Malan 16, Root 0, Southee 0-17 (3)

After taking that wicket, New Zealand have just tightened things up and kept the pressure on. England still trying to score, but the pace has slowed from the first two boundary-filled overs.

More from Buttler on whether Roy could be added to the squad for the Ireland matches in a bid for game time: “Yes, I think so.

“The Ireland squad has obviously been selected. But we still have a few days should we wish to make any changes, or expose anyone to some games of cricket. We can do that.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 13:00


England v New Zealand

Jos Buttler spoke to TMS a bit earlier about Jason Roy’s back spasm, he said: “Yes, it’s a frustration and the most frustrated person is Jason.

“Obviously he is desperate to play and be fit. He is moving very well but is not quite fit to play a game of cricket today.

“That’s a frustration but that is where we are at, at the moment.”

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 12:56


England 28-1 (5), Malan 13, Root 0, Henry 1-13 (3)

Root survives his first ball, but only just, coming down the track trying to take on the bowler, who has just claimed the wicket of Bairstow and missed it.

Fortunately for the Yorkshireman the ball flew over the stumps.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 12:55


Wicket! Bairstow out for 13! England 28-1

Bairstow has gone, for the second time in as many matches he has fallen early.

This time was not quite as spectacular as the first ball of the game at the Oval, but he has edged Henry to the slip fielder.

There was a brief umpire review to check if the catch carried, but it was a good low catch by Mitchell and Bairstow has to make his way back to the dressing room.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 12:53


England 26-0 (4), Bairstow 12, Malan 12, Southee 0-13 (2)

Southee and Henry just finding their line and length here to keep things tight in the powerplay, but a couple of miss-hits have just skewed over fielders or dropped short.

It’s very early to say, but it could be a more even contest than we have seen so far in this ODI series.

A four off the final ball of the over just eased the pressure.

Sonia Twigg15 September 2023 12:48

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