Watch Daniel Kaluuya Face a U.F.O. in ‘Nope’

Here, the lead character, O.J. (Daniel Kaluuya), is arriving at Jupiter’s Claim, an Old West-style theme park near his property, to investigate. He finds the place empty, save a pig on a rooftop and a horse in a cage.

And also, just maybe, something in the sky.

Narrating the sequence, the writer and director Jordan Peele said he wanted to “bring out the surrealistic aspect” of the theme park “and of Hollywood” in this setting.

O.J. continues on to an arena where he looks up and spots a U.F.O. that is moving in an erratic and potentially menacing manner through the clouds.

“The idea was, if people can leave a movie feeling about the sky the way they felt about the water after ‘Jaws,’ then I’d be in a prime position to torment them for at least several years,” Peele said.