Readers Share Memories of ‘Goodnight Moon’

“I love this book — I read this to my son when he was little, he just never got tired of it. I also use this book when tutoring for adult literacy programs. Recently, I tutored a women who never learned to read. She wanted to be able to read a book to her new great-grandson. We picked ‘Goodnight Moon” — it’s a great ‘gateway’ book, full of everyday household items; she now knows how to spell their names. And yes, she studied and was able to read it to her great grandbaby. Beautiful book.” — Katie Collins, Portland, Ore.

“I read this book with great delight to all four of my children. Yet, my most memorable encounter with ‘Goodnight, Moon,’ was at about 35,000 feet, years after my children were grown. It was a crowded flight and a young dad was trying to get his cranky toddler settled down to sleep. The little guy wasn’t having any of it and could be heard protesting in pretty much every corner of the plane. After trying a number of enticements, the dad pulled out ‘Goodnight, Moon’ and started to read it a bit loudly, probably hoping to get the boy’s attention.

Unexpectedly, a woman in the next row started reciting the words right along with the dad. Another joined her, then a few more, and pretty soon it seemed as if every one of us was paying homage to the comb and the brush and the bowl full of mush. It was a concert of parents wrapped in memories, sending love and good nights to the littlest one among us. The boy went totally silent and his mouth was a wide Oh! of wonder as he gazed transfixed at an entire plane full of adults lulling him to sleep with a story he obviously knew so well. As we came to the last words, he put a thumb in his mouth, shook off the day with a tiny shake, and settled down sweetly into his papa’s lap. It was at least a dozen years ago yet I still drop into the loveliest of places when I remember that night.” — Liz Casey, Mount Sinai, N.Y.

“This wonderfully beautiful article has brought me peace. Dying of colon cancer, I can now see the book as a road map for me. Goodnight moon, goodnight my cats, goodnight my children, goodnight my photographs, goodnight …” — Julie, Baltimore

“My son turns 30 next month; he’ll soon deploy overseas with the military. I read ‘Goodnight Moon’ to him most every night of his early life. This article, and remembering that book, finally allowed me to cry from the fear I have over what is coming, even while giving me hope. Thank you.” — John M. Flynn, Greensboro, N.C.