Ex-Prosecutor Turned Advocate Is Charged With Rape in Manhattan

At the time, Mr. Foss denied any sexual misconduct, saying in response to WBUR, “I have seen recent social media posts alleging improper conduct in my past. I recognize that some of my callous and insensitive behavior has caused many people anguish, but I deny any allegations of nonconsensual sexual relations.”

The Boston investigation was propelled by a post on Medium in November 2020 titled “The Wolf and The Whisper Network.” In the post, Raegan Sealy, a New York City singer and writer, detailed a relationship fostered by texts and phone calls with Mr. Foss that lasted for about a month in 2017. The relationship, which began after they met at a speaking engagement, ended after she was sexually assaulted by him in a Manhattan hotel room, Ms. Sealy wrote.

“I began sharing my story with friends, and quickly realized that I had kicked a hornet’s nest: there was a dressmaker, a TED administrator, an artist, a famous actress, a lawyer, an intern, a volunteer, a Hollywood manager, a nonprofit CEO, the friend of a friend, the friend of a stranger … a witness in one of his cases,” Ms. Sealy wrote in the post. “Everywhere I went, I found a trail of humiliation and harm left by Adam.”

Ms. Sealy’s detailed allegations closely aligned with the charges the Manhattan district attorney’s office levied against Mr. Foss. Neither the prosecutors nor Ms. Sealy’s lawyer confirmed that the charges stemmed from her experience. The Manhattan district attorney’s office doesn’t release the names of sexual assault victims as a matter of policy.

Kim West, a Boston attorney who represents Ms. Sealy, said her client had no comment on Tuesday regarding the charges against Mr. Foss.

After the findings in Boston, Ms. West wrote to WBUR that she and Ms. Sealy were pleased that the investigation “revealed facts supporting what Raegan has always alleged: Adam Foss used his position as a prosecutor to engage in inappropriate behavior and take advantage of a power dynamic with young women who looked up to him as a mentor.”

The website for Mr. Foss’s Prosecutor Impact organization had disappeared on Tuesday.

Colin Moynihan contributed reporting.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/16/nyregion/adam-foss-charged-rape.html