Coronavirus: Randy Newman debuts social distancing song ‘Stay Away’

Randy Newman is the latest musician to write a song in an attempt to encourage fans to stay inside during the coronavirus pandemic.

After introducing himself, Newman advises everyone to: “Stay six feet away from people, wash your hands, religiously, and often and don’t touch your face”.

The lyrics to the 76-year-old’s new song “Stay Home” offers advice about how to prevent the virus spreading.

While playing the piano, he begins by singing: “Venus in sweatpants/ That’s who you are/ And when this mess is over/ I’ll buy you a car”.

Before carrying on: “We’ll drive that car/ So fast and so far/ All your stupid friends/ Will be left behind”

“Stay away from me/ Baby, keep your distance, please/ Stay away from me/ Words of love in times like these/ I’m gonna be with you 24 hours a day” he continues. “A lot of people couldn’t stand that/ But you can/ You’ll be with me 24 hours a day/ What a lucky man I am”.

“Stay away from me/ Wash your hands/ Don’t touch your face/ How do you like that/ Wash your hands/ Don’t touch your face”.

A number of other celebrities have been recording songs to encourage fans to self-isolate. Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon sang a quarantine duet on The Tonight Show. Neil Diamond changed the lyrics of “Sweet Caroline” to encourage fans to wash their hands. As did Liam Gallagher who sang a number of “alternative” Oasis hits while washing his own hands at his kitchen sink.

The songs included: “Champagne Soapernova”, “Wonderwash”, and “Soapersonic”.

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