Coronavirus: Netflix Pandemic documentary becomes one of the most-searched TV shows

Since the coronavirus outbreak, films and TV shows centred on global pandemics have seen spikes in viewership around the globe.

One such series is documentary Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, which was coincidentally released on Netflix back in January.

While it failed to register at the time of release, users flicking through the streaming service on their televisions will notice it’s become one of the most popular searches for the past month.

The documentary’s three episodes were filmed in 2019 before the first cases of coronavirus were reported, and it explains how a viral outbreak begins and spreads its way around the world.

It mentions previous pandemics, including Ebola and the Spanish Flu of 1918, and chillingly sees scientists discuss the theory that the world “was due” a new virus.

The series also focuses on doctors in Asia and the US who work tirelessly to develop vaccines for potential deadly illnesses.

Just last week, Netflix viewers were alarmed when it was reported that an episode of Korean series My Secret Terrius accurately predicted the coronavirus pandemic back in 2018.

The Simpsons has also been highlighted for its accurate depiction of a global pandemic, while a clip from British sitcom Yes Minister went viral for mirroring the response of the British government.

In the wake of the sickness, Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 thriller Contagion has become one of the most-watched films online.

Find a full list of everything that seemingly predicted the coronavirus outbreak here.

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