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The Latest in Translation Devices

To see how advanced the ear pieces are, we compared them to two translation tools on the market, Google Translate’s conversation mode and the hand-held CM Translator ($117 retail) from Cheetah Mobile. A preproduction model of the Ambassador ($150 retail) was tested at company headquarters in Brooklyn, while the WT2 …

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16 Useful Gems in Apple’s New iOS 13

Every September, Apple offers the world a new update of its iOS software for iPhones. This year’s version, iOS 13, didn’t exactly have a graceful landing; since its release in September, Apple has produced no fewer than five follow-up versions intended to fill feature holes and fix bugs. A sixth …

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Get Your Digital Accounts Ready In Case of Death

On March 7, 2019, Myrna M. DeLeon passed away, days before her 65th birthday. “Her death was completely unexpected,” said her daughter and my brother-in-law’s wife, Casey. In the emotional aftermath for the family, one thing made the grieving process less stressful: Myrna’s “in case of death” preparations. She had …

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