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Lemur extinction: Vast majority of species under threat

Almost every species of lemur, wide-eyed primates unique to Madagascar, is under threat of extinction. That is the conclusion of an international group of conservationists, who carried out an assessment of the animals’ status. This “Primate Specialist Group” reviewed and compared the latest research into lemur populations and the threats …

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Petrichor: why does rain smell so good?

It turns out it’s not just gratitude that makes rain smell so appealing after a long period of dry weather. There’s actually some chemistry involved too. Bacteria, plants and even lightning can all play a role in the pleasant smell we experience after a thunderstorm; that of clean air and …

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Climate change driven by humans made heatwave ‘twice as likely’

Climate change resulting from human activities made the current Europe-wide heatwave more than twice as likely to occur, say scientists Researchers compared the current high temperatures with historical records from seven weather stations, in different parts of Europe. Their preliminary report found that the “signal of climate change is unambiguous,” …

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Hosepipe ban set to go on even with threat of flooding

Despite heavy downpours and flooding in some parts of the country, water restrictions and the hosepipe ban are to remain in place for weeks. Irish Water is now describing the situation as “critical” and extended the national hosepipe ban until August 31. Meanwhile, water restrictions will continue in the Greater …

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