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Tropical sunfish spotted in Highland waters

A fish normally found in tropical waters has twice been spotted off the west coast of Scotland last week. It is the fourth time this year that the sunfish has been recorded by the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. The ocean sunfish is the heaviest bony fish in the world, …

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Teenagers risk missing out on savings pots

Anyone turning 16 from now can start managing their Child Trust Funds for the first time – although some may be unaware that they have these savings. These funds were set up by the Labour government in 2005 to encourage parents to save for their children and to promote financial …

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Cave girl was half Neanderthal, half Denisovan

Once upon a time, two early humans of different ancestry met at a cave in Russia. Some 50,000 years later, scientists have confirmed that they had a daughter together. DNA extracted from bone fragments found in the cave show the girl was the offspring of a Neanderthal mother and a …

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