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Einstein’s travel diaries reveal physicist’s racism

Newly published private travel diaries have revealed Albert Einstein’s racist and xenophobic views. Written between October 1922 and March 1923, the diaries track his experiences in Asia and the Middle East. In them, he makes sweeping and negative generalisations, for example calling the Chinese “industrious, filthy, obtuse people”. Einstein would …

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Pompeii victim crushed by boulder while fleeing eruption

Archaeologists at Pompeii have uncovered the remains of an unfortunate man who was decapitated by an enormous rock while fleeing the volcano. Nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, killing many Pompeii residents and famously freezing them in place. This skeleton appears to be from a man who survived the …

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Ancestral remains ‘people not objects’

Anthropology needs to take a more humanising approach to its examination of ancestral remains. This is the recommendation of a North American collective of scientists. Currently, some palaeogenomic (ancient DNA) research is conducted using human remains that are held in museum collections. In certain cases, these are the disinterred ancestors of Indigenous …

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