A Failure of Policy and Planning

The goal of “opening up” the U.S. economy by April 12 didn’t last long — social-distancing guidelines have been extended to April 30. (Want this in your inbox each morning? Sign up here.) The crisis in manufacturing President Trump took office promising a renaissance in manufacturing. But when the coronavirus …

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It’s Not All Bad. Here’s Proof.

We did something different with today’s newsletter, highlighting some of the more heartening things we’ve seen in the past few weeks, as the world mobilizes against the coronavirus pandemic. Send us your examples, stay safe and be well. (Want this in your inbox each morning? Sign up here.) What companies …

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Surging Traffic Is Slowing Down Our Internet

Internet service providers said they could handle the deluge of traffic but were adding capacity. Verizon, Cox and AT&T said they were building more cell sites to strengthen mobile networks, increasing the number of fiber connections on their network backbones, and upgrading the routing and switching technology that lets devices …

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