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Fat accumulates inside lungs of overweight people, study finds

Fat can accumulate in people’s lungs and is particularly common in individuals who are overweight or obese, scientists have discovered for the first time.  Fatty tissue in the walls of airways alters their normal structure leading to inflammation which could cause wheezing and asthma, the study suggests.  Dr Peter Noble from the …

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Scientists discover world’s fastest ant

Scientists have discovered the world’s fastest ant which runs at speeds equivalent of 360mph in humans.  The Saharan silver ant – named after where it lives – can put in 50 strides a second, covering a distance of nearly a metre (85.5cm). To put this in perspective Usain Bolt does four strides …

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How our language perpetuates inequality

The rhetoric surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU has become increasingly inflammatory. Some feel that Boris Johnson’s use of military metaphors such as “surrender act” to describe a piece of legislation has made debates even more polarised. This is important: the language used in the House of Commons both …

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